list of universities in Assam

list of universities in assam

List of State Universities in Assam

Assam is one of the state in India.Assam is contains many of the state universities and also other educational institutions.The list of universities in Assam are 4.There are universities established in recent period and couple of other universities in Assam are very old universities.

In developing India Assam is one of the most active role and also students in various universities in Assam are utilizing the educational opportunities with universities in Assam.The young Indian generation and the education curriculum up to date as per the new changes in society.So always the local bodies of educational institutes should be strong hold so that the needs of society can be fulfilled through the education accordingly.

In the list of universities in Assam ,there are four categories of universities we found.One is agriculture university ,Distance education and other two are comes under general category.
The agriculture university ‘Assam Agriculture University’ located in Jorhat city and established in 1968.The distance education university ‘ Krishna Kanta Handique State Open University ‘ located in Guwahati and established in 2007.The other two universities ‘ Dibrugarh University ‘ and ‘ Gauhati University ‘ are comes under general category and located in Dibrugarh and Guwahati.
Apart from above universities the Assam governament looking for many other educational institutes which benifit their students and society.

List of State Universities In Assam

1Assam Agricultural UniversityJorhat1968Agriculture
2Dibrugarh UniversityDibrugarh1965General
3Gauhati UniversityGuwahati1948General
4Krishna Kanta Handique State Open UniversityGuwahati2007Distance education