National Education Policy Approved after Extensive Discussion of 3-4 Years: PM Modi

At the ‘Conclave on Transformational Reforms in Higher Education Under National Education Policy,’ Narendra Modi spoke about the National Education Policy. During his speech, he told everyone that the National Education Policy had been approved after a detailed discussion which has been going for about four years now. The new guidelines about the New Education Policy have been released, each and everyone in the country is talking about it. People from all walks of life, different sectors and fields have been giving their in-depth view of the policy and review it.

Here are some of the core highlights from the address given by Prime Minister, Narendra Modi:

  1. After 3-4 years of serious discussion and evaluations of pros and cons, New Education Policy has been approved, and Narendra Modi speaks about the same at ‘Conclave on transformational reforms in higher education under National Education Policy.’
  2. There have been various discussions regarding the National Education Policy across the nation. People from various sectors and industries came forward to give their personal views regarding the same. There was a healthy debate going on in the country.
  3. After the National Economic Policy release, no group in the society cursed the policy as the education policy was personally thought about and then put together.
  4. It is the country’s norm to connect the education systems with the values and norms of the nation. The education system should be carved in such a way that education makes future-ready individuals for the competitive world.
  5. For the past few years, our education system was very stagnant as there were no reforms. Due to the traditional education system, there was a herd mentality spreading, instead of focusing on imagination and curiosity. The New Education Policy focuses on critical and practical knowledge over the bookish knowledge.
  6. Due to excessive globalisation, there was a need to get reforms in the education sector. It was time that India finally changes its education system. The New Education Policy was created with a 5+3+3+4 curriculum.
  7. In the past, the Indian education system majorly focused on ‘What to think’ so far.’ On the other hand, the New Education Policy majorly focuses on ‘How to think.’ The efforts of the education system transformation were to build an analysis based, inquiry-based, and discovery-based analysis.