5 Safe and Easy Steps to Change a Career

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Dear experts! I thought to write this article because to share my transition experience when I took a career change decision.Frankly speak it is a wrong step.More or less you are going to be start a new career.

Well! Why this decision in your life to change one profession to another.May be a good hike in the new profession or good name and fame or the current profession is not manageable.

Alright!FinallyWhatever it may be the reason you decided now to move into different profession.Ok,we will discuss whether is it a infatuation or love to change a career.

Are you ready to change career?

Hopefully Yes! But why you reach to this decision? Is some one suggested the new career is good.Then you have to think twice because in any career path you can see sweet and bitter.In this case calm down your self and think what is the new benefit you are going to get.Is this new profession suit for your current skills.

Check your qualifications and skill set

You are doing your current job with your present qualifications and skill set.Now did you get upgrade on your qualifications or skill set? If yes and then think the new upgrade is suit for new profession and the new career required what extra skill set.

What best you are going to get in new career

Compare between the current and new career whether any gain you are going to get in new career.If it is how much really you are going to gain? Once you compare to market and really you see benefit out that take a decision.

Upgrade your skill set

If you are not up to the mark on the new career required skill set then it is time to learn and add those skills in your profile.You should treat yourself as a fresher and learn the new skill sets.

Finally,you can move to new career

Once you analyzed your self as you are not influenced by some one and you are taking this decision your own just fill the required skills in your profile and move on.However think twice all the ways before you move on to!

The above steps can be useful when you try for promotion in sarkaari naukri or planning to move private job to government job etc.

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