Stress-free high paying jobs in India by 2020

Today the lives of India people have become far more hectic and busy. Stress has become a common factor in their lifestyle. Therefore people are in search for stress-free high paying jobs in India. Actually, there are such stresses fewer jobs present in the country. But the irony is most of us do not know the source of such a kind of jobs. We only stick to old routine jobs that are highly stressful in nature. This is why we cannot able to make a perfect balance between our personal and professional lifestyle.  

Hence, let’s find out the jobs that are less stressful and are highly paid and honoured legal jobs in India.   

Many people in the country basically are in search of such a type of job that is a highly paid job and less stressful in nature. 

  • Astronomers:- The job of the astronomers are quiet less stressful compared to other corporate jobs that are there in the market. An astronomer draws 9.6 lacks to 18 lacks annually. The basic job of an astronomer is to observe, research, and make the right interpretation of the astronomical phenomenon. In most cases, an astronomer has postgraduate or PHD degree to satisfy the requirements of their eligibility criteria in the initial level. This is why the job of an astronomer is less stressful in nature.   
  • University Professor:– 

The job of a university professor is quite repetitive in nature. It actually means that they have to teach the students the same subject and topic to the students again and again as per the directives of the syllabus and university. The annual salary of a highly qualified professor ranges from 4-15 lacks. The basic job roles of a university professor entail designing course work, delivering the lectures and grading up the paper for the research.  

They can enjoy the long vacation, public holidays, seasonal breaks and lucrative perks.   

  • Dietician:- An annual salary of a dietician ranges up to 4.6-15.3 lacks the demand for dietician is increasing every day. The reason is the pressure levels of the human beings is rising at a very fast pace. Apart from getting a hefty salary, a dietician can earn extra money from hospitals, schools, clinics, or even they can be at times be work as self-employed professionals. Just you need to be very proactive in sensing the requirement of the clients and their needs from time to time.      
  • Librarian:– This is the most peaceful job profile that one can ever imagine during their lifetime. An average salary of a Librarian ranges up to 2.5- 9.5 lacks. Along with that, the librarian has to maintain the order of books on the shelf in proper order. 

But today all the records of the books are being saved in the system along with proper barcoding. This is why the life of the Librarian becomes easy to make a proper track of these books in the right order. Just you need to make the right assessment at the right time before giving any book to a stranger as per the directives of the institution.    

  • Geo scientists:- The nature of the Geoscientists job profile is quite relaxing in nature. The reason being they just need to make extensive research on the nature of the earth surface. Along with that, they need to make a research study regarding the nature of the physical aspects of any particular region. Along with that, the impact of that region and its people is also a matter of research for Geoscientists. An annual salary of a geoscientist ranges up to 8.5 lacks to 27 lacks per annum.   
  • Business Consultancy:- A business consultants are supposed to be the problem-solvers for any sort or kind of business. An average salary of the business consultant ranges up to 14.2-30 lacks per annum basis. Apart from this, a business consultant just needs to study the nature of the business of his client.  

And after assessing the nature of the business they just need to provide their solution report to their clients for which they are heavily paid. The reason is they are the expert’s problem solver for any kind of business. 

Hence, from the above information, it has been clear that which are the high paying less stressful jobs in India right now. Just you need to explore various job profiles as per your capacity to get a better future for yourself.  

Before selecting any career just make a proper SWOT analysis of your capacity. This analysis will help you in selecting the right career for your future. People often make a hurry before selecting their career without knowing their level of capacity.   

Do not make any sort of rush while selecting any job profile for yourself. It is your life and you need to take the right decision.