Sure sort incredible tips to crack Intelligence bureau exam 2020

Every year Ministry of Home Affairs organizes Intelligence Bureau exams to absorb the cream candidates to join the most prestigious and most responsible department of India. To crack this exam you need to be very smart in your approach. There are certain basic parameters and criteria that you need to clear in order to make things simpler and easier for cracking this exam successfully with flying colours. The intelligence bureau exam works under the directives aegis the ministry of home affairs. For the post of IB senior assistant executive, this time 1054 posts are open for the vacancy in 2020. This is why the competition will be huge and will be held between the lacks of candidates. 

Hence, let’s find out some of the important aspects in the light of this matter regarding the tricks and the tips a candidate can follow in order to crack this exam.   

For the post of IB executive assistant lacks candidates to make their preparation but only a few of them get the chance. Now, let’s understand the ways that how to make a fruitful preparation for Intelligence bureau exam 2020.   

  • First of all know the exam pattern and the syllabus:-   

The first thing that you need to know is to clear your idea regarding the exam pattern and the syllabus. Knowing the syllabus and the pattern of the examination will easily help you to make a strong preparation. This will ultimately guide you in taking the right decision regarding the preparation. When you know the exam pattern then it will help you to get familiar with the total number of time allotted, negative marking and the total number of questions.  


Let’s understand the pattern of the examination

  Once you focus on the exam syllabus and on its pattern then it will be easier for you to make a very strong preparation.    


  • Start preparing with the basic concepts:-   

Throughout your preparation, try to focus on understanding the basic concepts in a better manner. This will help you in remembering the concepts for a longer period of time. This is why it is being advised to start preparing for the intelligence bureau exam from the basics of each subject. Try to strengthen the weaker sections where you feel uncomfortable and spend maximum time on unfamiliar topics. 


  • Section-wise preparation strategy:- 
  • General Awareness Section:- 

This is the most tricky and crucial section of the Intelligence bureau examination paper. The reason is it carries maximum weightage of 40 marks. You need to revise the concepts, again and again, to remember what you have studied at the time of your preparation.  The general awareness section is basically divided into two main parts they are as follows 


  1. Current affairs 
  2. Static GK or subjective GK based on individual subjects you have read in your class 10th and 12th examination. 
  • English:- 

This section includes questions from both verbal and non-verbal sections. This is the easiest section if you grasp the basic grammatical concepts as well as vocabulary in a better manner. This is the subject which demands a regular practice from student’s end. Otherwise, you may forget the rules and may commit mistakes in the examination which can easily nullify your chances of qualification. Try to learn new words every day and revise the learnt words with the new words to the very next day. Make a schedule to learn at least 20 new words every day to make your vocabulary stronger.    

  • Mathematics:-   

Questions from data interpretation will come in huge number in this year Intelligence bureau examination 2020. Try to solve them as fast as possible using shortcut techniques and with proper time management skills. The success here lies on the fact that the number of right attempts you made in this section hence try to be as accurate as possible.   


  • Reasoning:-   

This is the easiest part of this examination as the entire section depends on your presence of mind and application of common sense. To solve the presence of this problem of mind is more than enough. Syllogism and verbal & non-verbal reasoning can easily help you to win the race, especially in this examination.  


  • Understand the section-wise cut off marks:-  

This is basically a probability game and you can say that an expectation hypothesis but still good enough to help you in qualifying the exam easily if you apply this. 

In the GK section, if you can attempt 35+ questions with absolute accuracy then the battle is half won for you. 

In the case of English section if you can make an attempt to 15+ correct answers then it will be easier for you to qualify in this examination. 

In the case of Reasoning, if you can make 12-14 correct attempts then things can become easier for you.   

Lastly, comes the quant section where 15+ correct attempts are enough to help you in crossing the line of the selection process.   

Hence, if you can apply above-mentioned tricks while preparing for the IB examination exam 2020 then you can easily qualify for this examination this year.