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The power of Education Importance of education

Education | The power of Education

Hello readers!! I am trying to explain the power of education and various topics in importance of education. As we know the word education and its most sounding word in our lives. The world has grown from the word education, why I am saying is without education or knowledge gain things will not move further and our life will stop there only. First off all when we talk about human growth without education it is not possible. That is why we are here to lead the world from our neighbor animals. So the mind maturing means your educating. When we say education it is not only from the books or schools or teachers, it has come from your culture and society and your neighbors and every small object from the world.

Importance of education

As we see from the ages and now the importance of education is very important. Look at a way if you do not give any knowledge or not educate any kid how is his/her position and the behavior; more or less he will become an animal with the minimal mind. Another way round if we give education to a kid, they will mature day by day and the mind also become sharp. That is the difference between the human mind and animal mind. We are more mature than our grandfather monkeys 🙂 because of only the education.

Quality education | the power of education

Yes, the quality of education is important, as we discussed in above paragraph not giving education will make a kid as wild, but if you not provide quality of education the kid will become a danger to the society. So giving education is not important and how much quality of education you are giving that is the matter to kid. Quality education makes a kid as the good citizen and good human being. Moreover the Guru of this world.

Education information

Again this is a big question, the power of education because all you want is education and if you don’t know what kind of education to give kids you are almost failing to their itself. So getting education information is so important that just giving education just like that.

What is education?

Ok, First of all, what is education? Why we are struggling for education so much. The answer is simple a stone became a sculpture is nothing but after so much pain it is becoming a beautiful sculpture and people started that as a god. See how beautiful it is, if stone becoming as god then why can’t a human can become the good personality in the world and next generation can remember him as a god. A kid can educate and become a good citizen and a citizen can educate and become an anchor of that society and that person again educate and more mature and he will become a Guru or a God of that society. I am confusing you so much but if you understand above you will understand the beauty of the education. In simple words, education is learning new things and applies them in your life.

Free education

Humm…Free education J what you are doing is now is reading my article is nothing but free education. Just kidding J but the fact remains the same when you born your mother started teaching step by step process to make you a good person and after nearby you society bring you into certain levels, it is nothing but free education without any expectation from them.

Education world

Where you are living now is education world only, why because without that you may not leave with the people and they behave as wild. So you are surviving with other people means you are an educated world. When we take it as an example if any corporate company or any school we can see some certain goals and requirements within that group. So we can call that each organization is their own education world.

School education

As we discussed above our first Guru is our mother and after slowly we will move into a crowd that is nothing but a school education. Initially, a kid can feel very difficult and later he/she realize need to learn something more from the crowd and after he started making friends and socializing from there. Logic is very simple we born as single and we live as mingle or else no meaning of human life and I think the social life start from school education.

Educational news or education news today or education news

There are so many ways to gather education news. Nowadays many TV channels and online blogs or youtube channels providing up to date information on education. All the way we are in advance century and the medium of educational news is improved a lot. If we go back to little olden days there were no book or another medium to pass the news, the only way to share the educational news is from mouth to mouth. So it was too difficult in olden days to share the educational news from one place to another. We are the generation is in the good period and make sure to utilize all source to get educate and perform well in our lives.

Education for all | the power of education

Aristotle is one of the great educationalists and used to say we should build the roots of a person and that will give a fruit of their life. Many leaders from different nations given a slogan without good education a society cannot build. That is the reason most of the nation announced free education and education for all. It is a good step for the human life and makes a good society and educated people around the world.

Educational websites or educational sites

We are in the web world and sharing the education is happening most of through websites/blogs so I have collected information about Educational websites and provided below in the order of their user rating.

Jobcareerbook is one of the great websites who provides education information across the world. latest jobs information and scholarship details of each category. Also, they are funding to the poor who are good in studies and not afford for higher studies.

Results outlook one of the upcoming websites and it is providing the exam results in various courses and institutions. They are encouraging the students who get good results but not move further due to poverty.

This website found by Harvard University and MIT in 2012.Most of the students like this website. They are providing online courses without compromising on quality.

This website is having the huge following on academic options to students. They provide online education for economic to engineering. Most of the reputed colleges and universities in collaboration with this website and they provided more reputed online courses.

From anything to everything.archive is one of the best free books and ebooks library which directly attached to college libraries’ websites. This is one of the best website providing knowledge and education.

Big Think is having over 2000 fellows who have good in their research and article writing. They provide top-notch subject articles and white papers. It provides various opinions on each subject.

The movement student open this website they bound to attract this site. It has unlimited courses across all the subjects. So may guest lectures and student forums and many more courses are available in this website.

High school students can use this website for their references. It has provided all collective information of each subject wise. This is one of the good website for school students and the exam preparations.

Unlike other website this website also provides the academic and skill set improvement program. Around 58 top courses are available in this website which can be accessed by anywhere.

This is not only online portal, also provides the education channel and problem solving to the students. Mainly students can face problem in algebra ,so they have created separate section for that.

education system

How good is education system in one country they can grow that much strong in all the ways.So building strong education system in the country always good to the people and upcoming generation.If you look at carefully wherever the good education system is there students start to move to that country.In olden days Nalanda University in India is one of the top class education system,now the Oxford is in good place.Above are just an example and like that there are so many good education systems across country doing their best in their specialization.

Physical education

The power of education ,as everyone think the education means only studies but not really because the sound body can have sound mind –said by the great monk Swamy Vivekananda from India.Yes it is 100% correct because if you are not fit you cannot even move so how can you gather information and study.That is why first everyone can concentrate physical education then only the body allow you to study well and understand well.So in Physical education we will include games,sports and some physical activities.That will strengthen the body and mind become rich.

bachelor of education

Haha bachelors!! If you are in bachelor you can enjoy the bachelor life or if or in mid age remember those sweet memories J So guys after the schooling we are ready for college education.College education can make you to specialize in any one the skill set ,before master in that specialize skill set college provides the bachelor of education.In bachelor of education we do have many specialization like Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of medicine, Bachelor of cinematography , Bachelor of bla bla bla J

special education

The power of education,we know the traditional education which is nothing but from primary education to masters. Nowadays to get special skill set education system providing a special education. With that you can get special skill set and that will help you to get good opportunity and career.

department of education

Education is one of the wing and to maintain that required one department.So that is the reason nowadays every nation allocating separate department.The department of education is providing and taking care of entire education.If you go to any government sector to allocate budget or and the own rules and regulations they are allocating separate department of education.Each and every governamet recognized and allocating special budget for education in every nation.Obviously that will help to the nation and students and the people of their socity.

Philosophy of education

Education philosophy is never end story,ideally the phylosaophy of education can improve the quality of education.So it is always good to go with debates and more details and deeper  ,so that the ideas will come out.Each phylosoaphy have their own values .

Science education

As human growing from the beginning of the human life till today there are many exploration and evolving in human life. All these happened only because of the science education and the human exploration in science education. Science is nothing but systematic exploration with mathematical equations. From bottom to top which I mean from home needs to space exploration happened only because of Science Education.

Online education

This is the new word trending from last decade before that this word online education not even exists in our education system. Due to the human evolvement in their life and much curiosity to explore something new the internet invented in 80s and it started growing like anything and now if you see our lives depends on internet ,some times without internet we can feel it as no breathe. So in this process the online education became so popular nowadays and most of the education system.

Article about education

It is sounds like to write something about education. Yes, we are right what you write article about education and how it is. As we know the education is a larger word and writing about education is a fun as a student in front of the big knowledge system.

Distance education | the power of education

The word distance says the meaning of distance education,what exactly that means is if you are working professional or your busy with some business or you are a home maker then this kind of education can allow you to study it further that is the beatify of distance education  ,so this opportunity can provide to seekers or learners to enhance their knowledge in their desired course.

Higher education

As a continuous learner all we have to expect is higher education. First of all we should know what is higher education and lower education. As a student growing from the basics to master in one course they required to study higher education. The higher education may learn from online or physical attendance that to from abroad or local. When we keep on learning we can get excel in that topic and with that topic only we can lead our life.

Educational research | the power of education

I think all above various topics make you understand the important of education and the evaluation pf education.The evaluation process of education always look for research so to fulfil human needs we have to keep upto date of education ,as part of research so many white papers and scintific theroms are inventing in every year.Students can benifit out of the educational research process.

Adult education | the power of education

when you say education it is not only for students and children, it must be required in life time day by day in our life.As you grown you required to learn many things. The adult education provides a systematic process to acquire the knowledge by adults.

Educational | Global education |Primary education

As we continue our topic it is never end story and there is no limit of words to talk about education ,the education start from primary education to global education ,to acuire the knowledge any person go through all these phases.The education is important to grow personal and socially grow.

A quick summary of all above education topics

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