Tips to crack AFCAT Examination 2020 in First attempt

AFCAT Examinations 2020 is going to be held in a very near future this year. The full form of this examination is the Air Force Common Admission Test. This examination is conducted twice every year by the Indian Air Force. One of the best things about this examination is the competition is quite low compared to other government examination. The chances of getting selected in this examination will be quiet high if you can prepare well for this examination. You can surely crack this examination easily. But for that, you need to apply certain strategies that can help you to crack this examination in the first shot.

Let’s get through the details that which strategies can help you to crack this examination.

Practice Mock Test:- Take as much mock test as possible this will help you to understand the level of your preparation. This will also help you to understand clearly what your strong zones are and what your weak zones are. You can identify
your mistakes and can take corrective measures regarding that. Along with that, you will get accustomed to the pattern of examination that you need to crack. A mock test for the AFCAT examination will help you to make a proper self-analysis of your strengths and weaknesses.

Brush up your formulas and apply speed Math’s:- Here speed maths means the short cut technique that you need to apply in order to reach the answer to your question. If you want to crack this examination in the first attempt then you need to prepare your formulas daily. The reason is the formulas are the key to solve the questions of Mathematics very easily.
The difficulty level of the AFCAT examinations regarding the Mathematics section is intermediate and hence you need to prepare yourself well in order to crack this examination in a proper manner.

Improve your observational skills:- Your observational skills are going to be tested in this examination. The reason is in case of reasoning section the application of your practice, presence of mind and observational skills are highly tested here. Just you need to be very accurate in your approach. The reasoning section actually needs your level of understanding of the situation and act accordingly to reach the correct answer. This is why you need to be very much vigilant in your approach while solving the questions in this section.

Keep a knowledge of the series of events that has happened 4-5 months before:- In case of General Awareness section a continuous reading of the magazines, newspaper and keeping a track of the past few months important events
can help you to crack this examination in a proper manner. If you solve the previous year’s paper then you will understand that most of the current affairs have come on the basis of the events that had happened in the last 4-5 months prior to the
examination. This is why it is very important that you must keep yourself ready and updated with the current happenings and events before the examination.

Be cautious about the negative marking:- Negative marking and wrong answers can ruin your dreams easily. The reason is not only you will lose the positive mark but also you will get a negative mark which can easily hamper the credibility of your correct answer. So, try to be as accurate as possible in this examination you need to clear the cutoffs no one is asking you to answer the entire questions attempt what you know. Don’t fall in the trap of the negative marking. Be a smart aspirant in your approach of answering the questions.

Make proper time management:- Time management holds the key in each and every competitive examination. You cannot bypass this aspect in any examination. This is why proper time management and calculation, as well as allotment of the right time in each and every section, play a very crucial role. You cannot deny this aspect at all at any point in time. You need to be prepared for this accordingly. Most importantly you cannot deny the importance of giving a mock test. The reason is the more mock test you give the better will be your time management skills for the AFCAT EXAMINATIONS 2020.

Hence, from the above information, it has become clear that, the strategies you need to apply in order to crack the AFCAT examinations successfully. In most cases, it has been observed that students with very high IQ fail to crack this examination the reason is they give stress on any particular section. But in this type of examinations, you need to give
stress equally in all the sections. The reason is all the sections are important to help you in clearing the cut-offs so remove these misconceptions from your mind.Give your best and try to crack this examination.