Tips to crack EPFO Assistant 2020 Examination

Millions of candidates will appear for the EPFO Assistant Examinations 2020. But the
matter of fact is only few candidates can make it through to the final selection process. The
reason for this difference of scenario is due to the method of preparation that they apply in
the examination. This year on 4 th of October 2020 the EPFO examination will held. Hence
the candidates need to strategize the method of preparation. Just you need to create a well
organized plan to make your preparation process easy and fruitful for yourself. You will
have to divide your time in several segments to make an effective preparation for the
There will be 421 vacancies this time. The number of candidates who will appear will be in
millions. Hence, the candidates must know the technique to crack the examination so as to
fulfill their aspirations and the dreams. The age and the eligibility criteria for this
examination is 30years and regarding the education a candidate must be a graduate from a
recognized university. This is why the competition will be tougher this time and the scope
will be narrower. Best candidates from all over the country will compete against each
other. This is why you need a very strong and well planned strategy to crack this
There are several important strategies are there that you can easily follow in order to crack
this examination successfully.

  • Know the examination pattern:– Before you start to prepare for the EPFO
    Assistant Examination 2020 you must know the examination pattern in a proper
    order. You must know the pattern of the examination both for the prelims and for
    the Mains examination so that you can crack it very easily. There will be 100
    questions that a candidates need to solve in 1 hours in the prelims examination. This
    actually means that a candidate can spend 6 seconds on each question not more
    than that. In case of preliminary examination, the below mentioned table shows the
    distribution of the marks and time.

          In case of Mains examination in EPFO the candidates have to solve 150 questions in
          120 minutes. This actually means that a candidate can afford to give 8 seconds in
           each question.

  • Prepare section wise strategy:- There are basically three sections in the prelims
    examinations that you need to crack English, Numerical aptitude and reasoning. You
    need to clear the cutoffs of these three sections first then the overall cutoff. In case
    of English section if you want to score good marks then you need to focus on the
    English vocabulary and in the grammatical areas. Along with that, you need to work
    on your reading skills to solve the comprehension in easy way. After that, comes the
    Mathematics section where you need to focus more on the calculation, on your basic
    fundamentals and in learning the shortcut tricks to attempt more questions in a
    small span of time. The last comes the reasoning section where you need to work
    upon your logical skills to score more in this area.
  • Practice Mock test and previous years question paper:- If you want to score
    more marks in the examination then you need to solve more mock test and previous
    years question paper this will help you to understand your level of the preparation
    and where you need to make an improvement before sitting for the EPFO Assistant
    examination 2020. Do not forget to analyze each mock test that you give. This will
    help you to understand that on which areas you need to make an improvement.
    Along with that, you can also take the help of previous years question paper to
    understand the fact that, which questions are being repeated in the examination and
    according to that mark it on your note book.
  • Time management:- In any competitive examination time management holds the
    key. You need to understand that, where you need to devote more time and how
    much to devote in each section. Then only you will have the idea to make a proper
    segregation of the marks and time on the basis of your priority. Do not waste your
    time on a single section much otherwise it can decrease your level of credibility in
    the examination.

Hence, from the above explanation it has became clear that how you need to approach in
EPFO Assistant 2020 examination. Make sure of one thing that you do not make any
wrong attempt in the examination otherwise it can kill your chances to get shortlisted for
the final round of the interview process. Try to give your best and seek the best result from
this examination. Keep your mind cool if the question is difficult. Does not focus on the
difficulty level of the question paper rather follow your preparation process in a proper
manner? Try to deliver your best performance in the examination.