Tips to crack Mathematics section for SSC CGL 2020 tier -1 Exam

The Mathematics section for SSC CGL 2020 tier 1 examination is the trickiest area that the candidates have to undergo. Most of the candidates kill their time and marks scoring opportunity in this section. The trickiest part of this area is to make the proper selection of the questions and to make the right time management. Just you need to have the right set of plan and strategy to crack this section successfully. One of the most important things that you need to remember in light of this matter is to keep your focus steady.

There are certain things where students lack in most of the cases while appearing for the examination in this Mathematics section. Now one thing you should remember that if you try to attempt all the questions in this Mathematics section in SSC CGL Examination 2020. Do not try to attempt all the questions in the Mathematics section until and unless you can calculate things in mind at a super pace. Otherwise, you will fall in the trap of losing the opportunity of getting selected in your dream job for the entire lifetime. It sounds harsh but it is the truth that is known to everybody but no one accepts it in the first

Now let’s get an idea about the tricks that you need to follow in order to crack this section successfully in the coming SSC CGL examination 2020.

  • Understand the distribution of marks in the quant section:- This is the most vital part of this section that a candidate needs to understand. They need to segregate the distribution of the part of the mark wise for the Mathematics section
    only. In this case, if you carefully look at the pattern of the examination then you will understand that the arithmetic part comprises of the 48% of the questions, data interpretation comprises of 20%, Geometry and the Mensuration part
    comprises of the 16% of the marks, Trigonometry 8% and the Algebra 8% of the entire question paper for the Mathematics section of SSC CGL Examination 2020.
  • Work on your basics:- Try to keep your basic concepts and fundamental concepts in this section very strong. This strategy will help you to make the improvisation of the application of the new techniques in this area very easy. Do not pay your attention to the shortcut tricks first if you are a beginner for this examination of SSC CGL 2020. Try to learn the basics in a proper manner and try to gain an in-depth knowledge of it. Once you have the full confidence that you have grasped the concepts in a proper and in an orderly manner along with the formulas then you can go for the shortcut tricks for the faster calculation in the examination. This thing will help you to score high marks in the examination of the SSC Examination.
  • Make proper time management for this section:- There are 25 questions in each sections total time allotted in the examination is 60 minutes means one hour. This actually means 25 questions you have to attempt in 15 minutes. Now for each question you need to allot 6seconds. This means you have to be lightning- fast in your process of calculation. You can do another thing also you can chalk out between the tough and the easy questions. Attempt the easy & short questions first then go for lengthy sums if time permits. You c an also save time from the other sections too this can be a smart move to score well in this section. At least try to make 21 correct attempts in this section to keep your chances high for clearing the cut-off.
  • Practice more short cut tricks:– If You want to score more marks in this section then you need to learn more short cut tricks in order to solve the questions in the examinations at a faster pace. This will also help you to solve lengthy questions in a small span of time. For improving on your shortcut tricks you need to attempt more mock test to improve upon your question-solving skills as per the pattern of the examination.
  • Do not try to attempt all the questions:- You need to be smart in your approach while attempting the questions for the SSC CGL examination 2020 Tier-1. Here you need to make the maximum right attempt, not all the questions you need to attempt. Try to be accurate and precise in your approach to clear the cutoff regarding this section.

Hence, from the above information, it has become clear that how you should strategize yourself in cracking the Mathematics section for SSC CGL 2020 tier -1 examination. Do not panic or overstress yourself in the examination hall. Just be cool and compose in your approach.