Tips to crack SBI Clerk examination 2020 Mathematics section

The Mathematics section of the SBI clerk 2020 examination is not that tough that it seems to be. Just you need to follow certain strategies that will help you to score more in an effective manner. Sometimes the basic fundamentals regarding the Mathematics section matters a lot. In this case, you need to work on the basic concepts first then you can proceed to advance level. Giving mock test on daily basis will improve your speed as well as the accuracy. If a candidate can follow a disciplined strategy then only you can score well in the examination.

Every year millions of candidates appear for SBI clerk examination but only few of them get selected in the examination. In this regard, you need to prepare yourself smartly with correct application of the strategy. Along with that, you need to clear the doubts that you are facing in the Mathematics section simultaneously. Update your shortcut tricks to save time and score more in the examination. Just you need to play safe and proper to score more in this section. Along with that, work spontaneously on your basics to score well in the examination.

There are certain tricks you must follow in order to score more in the examination for cracking the examination successfully.

  • Understand the examination pattern successfully:- There will 35 questions that you need to solve in 20 minutes this actually means you need to solve each questions within 6 seconds approximately to make a good amount of correct
    attempts in the examination. Now from the calculation of time it has become clear that if you want to crack the Mathematics section of SBI CLERK exam 2020 then you need to solve questions more mentally rather than on the paper.
  • Attempt Mock test smartly:- Attempt as much mock test as possible in order to increase your speed and accuracy. The mock test will also help you to understand that the level of preparation that you need to make. Along with that, your strength and weak areas will also be reflected in those mock tests that you will give in the examination. Your eyes will be set as per the examination requirement and you will face less difficulty in the real examination.
  • Avoid making the wrong attempts:- You must try to reduce as much wrong attempts as possible in order to stay alive in the competition. Wrong attempts will not only kill your chances for selection but it will also de neutralize your effort in the
    number the right attempts you make in the examination. Therefore always try to make as much right attempt you can make. In all the competitive examination not only the SBI negative marking always kills the chances of selection for the
    candidates in the examination.
  • Practice more topics every day:- Try to practice at least 5-6 topics in a per day basis. This will help you to remember the formulas and the short cut techniques in the examination. If you want to make the more attempts in the examination better to say the correct number of the attempts then you need tp practice daily. Devote 3 hours daily from your schedule for this section so that you can also revise the old learning during your practice session. 2 Mock test one self assessment test is very important to score well in this section. The self assessment test is a very simple process where you just need to understand your weak zones very carefully and make the right attempts. This process is very effective in increasing your self confidence before the examination.
  • Chalk out the difficult zones of the Mathematics section:- Every part of the subject may not seem to be easy for you. Just try to make the things simple and easy for yourself. Do not make a rush at the things. Be calm and cool while solving the difficult section of the question paper makes the things easy and worth remembering for you. Try to memorize the formula first then start doing the sums of the difficult sections. Remember one thing you can score well when you make right attempts and so try to be as perfect as possible while selecting the questions in the examination hall.

In SBI Mathematics section 2020 examination your right attempt can help you to win the battle. This is why you need to be very accurate and positive in your approach of attempting the question and at the time of preparation too. Time will be your friend
when you will learn to utilize it in a proper manner. This is why do not waste your valuable time on a single question. Try to scroll over the other options and make more marks in the examination through proper selection of the questions in the examination.
Give your best and best of luck.