Tips to crack SBI English section in Prelims examination 2020

The English section of the SBI prelims examination 2020 is a matter of great difficulty to many candidates all over the country. But the matter of fact is just the reverse as it seems to be this section is not that tough or cumbersome as it appears to be. Just you need to take care of some of the important facts in the light of this matter in order to crack this section very easily. You cannot do well if you panic more especially in this section. Just you need to understand some basic facts to clear this section easily.

Before appearing for the SBI prelims examination 2020 you must know one thing that you must be strong in all the sections equally. You cannot ignore or avoid any section as you are weak in it. You need to convert your weakness in to your strength just try to deliver your best in all the sections to clear the cutoff rate. You must clear one thing in your mind that on your wish the question paper will not be set rather om the wish of the examination board the question paper will be designed.

There are several important points that you need to remember and follow for doing well in the English section of the SBI prelims examination 2020.

  • Work on your vocabulary:- If you want to crack this examination successfully then you need to be very strong in the vocabulary section. There are certain ways using which you can improve upon it. Consult the online Thesaurus as it is the easiest way to memorize the words where both the words and its opposite meaning are highlighted at the same place. Create a word list of your own where you can easily note down the words in a notebook at least 10-20 new words each day. Proper usage of online Flashcards this will help you to remember new words that you learn each day. For that, you need to have mobile tablets or smartphone.
  • Improve Your English grammar:- For scoring well in this section the basic thing that a candidate needs to follow is to go through the rules of the grammar first. In questions like spotting errors or fill in the blanks with appropriate words will
    require your absolute knowledge of the grammatical rules to score well in this area. Therefore try to memorize each and every concept by understanding each and every area in a proper and accurate manner. This will only help you to provide the chances to score high marks in this section.
  • Work on your reading comprehension skills:- Reading comprehension skills is a vital area where you can score marks very easily. For that, you need to develop a habit to read any article or passage in a very fast and to grasp the core insights of
    the passage to develop the answers for the questions that are being asked from the comprehensions. Reading newspapers, business magazines, storybooks, novels and online blogs and articles will help you become proficient in developing these skills that can help you to crack this section very easily. Just you need to be very vigilant in this section in each and every nook and corner of the passage.
  • Make proper time management:- Solve the vocabulary section first, then the grammar section and last the comprehension section this will help you to cover the entire paper in a very small span of time and you can easily score well in this section. This is the most appropriate and sure sort technique to save time in the examination hall to score more marks in this section.
  • Understand the pattern of the examination:- There will total of 40 questions in the clerk examination of the SBI 2020 examination. You need to solve these 40 questions within 35 minutes. Remember one thing that you need to maintain the speed with along with the accuracy. You cannot afford to compromise on this two factors any point of time. Just make an estimate of the number of correct attempts that you can make. Better to say 35 correct attempts in this section will be enough to clear this section easily.

Hence, you just need to follow the above points religiously to score well in this section. Do not forget one thing that does not make any guess attempts. This can easily kill your chances of the selection process. Wrong attempts can reduce the chances of your selection process. This is why you need to be vigilant regarding the choices you made in the examination. The SBI Clerk English Examination 2020 examination can help you to score more if you follow the right pattern of preparation and the mode of attempting the question paper. This is why try to give your best and best of luck for you upcoming examination.