Tips to crack SBI Mains General Awareness section 2020 Examination

Every year millions of candidates seats for the SBI clerk Mains examination to fulfill their dream bank job aspiration. But only few of them can crack the examination and make it through to the final selection process. Most of the time candidates ignore the importance of General awareness section in the SBI examination. This makes them to lose lots of marks. This is why if you want to score high marks in SBI Mains general awareness section 2020 examination then you need to follow certain important tips to score well in this area.

Most of the time candidates ignore this section and gives less stress in this area. This is why they lose lots of marks here. This section provides you the sure sort opportunity to score more in the first attempt. There is no need of critical thinking or calculation in this area. Just you need to strike the right answer as per your knowledge. But you need to expand your knowledge to score more in this section. For scoring more in this section you need to be proficient in gaining knowledge at a constant rate. So, let’s get an idea regarding certain tips that you can apply to score more in this area.

There are several tips you can follow to score high marks in the General Awareness section of the SBI Mains GK section 2020 examination.

  • Know the examination pattern properly:- There will be 50 questions comprising of 1 marks each which gets round off to 50 marks that you need to solve in 35 minutes. This actually means that you can spend 7 seconds in each question
    maximum. You need to know the exact answer otherwise just leave that question and move forward to the other questions. Do not waste your time on a single question. Only one thing is constant in the SBI mains General Awareness Section
    2020 examination that either you know the answer or you do not know the answer. There are no other extremes apart from this.
  • Do not ignore the banking and Financial abbreviations:- In SBI mains general awareness section banking and financial abbreviations comes very often. Important abbreviations are likely to come in the examination process like CASA,
    SEBI, Mutual Funds, current RBI decisions and financial policies as well as some important terminologies that often asked in this examination. These types of questions are being asked to understand the knowledge of the candidates regarding
    the banking and financial systems if the country. The Banking terms must be known to you as they are very vulnerable to come in the examination.
  • Do not ignore the static GK:- If you go through the previous year’s examination papers then you will find that 40% of the GK section comprises of static GK. This is why if you ignore this area then you may lose huge chunk of marks. This is why the
    best option for you to prepare well in this area. Along with that, you can go through various mock tests to know the variations of the questions. This will help you to score well in the examination and you can seek as much marks as possible from this area. Mock test also make you prepare for the examination as per the need.
  • Grab the knowledge regarding the current events:- This section will ask you regarding the current financial events, awards, list of stadiums, changes of banking policies done by RBI, working pattern of the different financial institutions and regarding eminent personalities as well as big prize winners in the recent time. Both political affairs and the names of the state heads may be asked in this area. Sometimes sports questions, defense questions are asked. This is why you need to make your preparations strong in this area. Therefore, to score well you need to make yourself ready for this section in a proper manner.
  • Make as much less wrong attempts as possible: – Your wrong attempts can easily kill your chances to score well in the examination. Along with that, you will also not get the benefits of the right attempts that you have made in this section. Wrong attempts will lead to negative marking and will reduce your chances to get selected in SBI clerk examinations 2020.

In most of the cases guess work leads to wrong attempts. In the SBI Mains General Awareness Section Examination 2020 most of the candidates commit this mistake. This made them to lose lots of marks in the examination and they cannot clear the cut off. Remember one thing in this examination that you need to clear the sectional cutoff along with the overall cutoff. Then only you will get the chance for the final selection process. This is why just follow the above mentioned process and best of luck for your upcoming examination.