Tips to crack SEO interview questions in 2020

Most of the time candidates feel tensed and nervous before facing any kind of interview. This fear can let you down very easily.  So, just you need to stay cool and compose before facing any sort of interview in your life. The most interesting thing in SEO interview questions is, it varies from one candidate to another. There are different sets of questions are being asked to a fresher, analyst or executive. Just you need to prepare yourself as per the requirement of your job profile. Don’t get over-excited and too nervous before the interviewer. The reason is both over-excitement and nervousness can easily increase the chances of your rejection.   

Just try to understand your level of job profile that are you going to give the interview for SEO executive, SEO analyst or SEO expert and prepare yourself accordingly.   

Hence let’s first find out that, what are the most common and important SEO interview questions.  

Important SEO interview questions to prepare before the interview  

  1. What is the concept of long-tail keyword? 
  2. What is the process of calculating the bounce rate? 
  3. What are the prime differences between the black hat & white hat SEO? 
  4. How you can improve your search rank for your website in Google as well as in other Search engines?  
  5. What is article and directory submission? 
  6. What is the concept of Hummingbird update in the field of SEO? 
  7. What is the difference between off-page and on-page SEO? 
  8. What do you mean by Pigeon Algorithm and how it can affect your SEO factors for your website? 
  9. What is the concept of AMP pages in SEO? 
  10.  Which tricks I must apply that Google spider crawls site my site?  

Hence, these above-mentioned questions are being often asked in an SEO interview. This is just an outline of some basic questions it may also differ and vary as per the need and requirement of the job profile. 

So, let’s find out some essential but easy tricks to crack the SEO interview questions  

  • Don’t over-prepare yourself:- 

First of all, be through the company’s website and try to find the areas where the website needs improvement. If you are to work on a client website then try to find out the areas where you need to make the changes. In an SEO interview question, this type of practical questions may be asked by the interviewer. The reason is they are trying to get the help of someone who can improve their search rank and can increase the traffic for their website. Just use your knowledge to guide them accordingly.  

  • Be cautious & through with your portfolio:-  

This is one of the basic and most important SEO interview questions that you must consider. Your interviewer may question you regarding the total number of accounts that you are working on presently. Along with that, they can also ask you the amount of time that you can afford to each of your prospective clients on an average.  

  • Showcase your past achievements in an organized manner:- 

Don’t show your small achievements in your CV rather show those achievements in your CV that can bring fruitful results for the business of the interviewer. Showcase your strategy that can bring quantifiable and measurable results for the business. This is what the interviewer wants from you. More traffic and measurable results in the Search rank matters the most for your interviewer. This can excite his interest in hiring you as their team member. 

  • Stay well aware of the industry:- 

The field of digital marketing keeps on updating each and every time. Hence you also need to keep yourself updated with the latest trends of the industry. Keep a track on the latest advancement of this field on a constant basis. SEO interview questions may include questions regarding the latest advancements. So, be prepared for such a type of questions. Don’t let the momentum shift from your end to the interviewer’s end.  

  • Reason for choosing this field:-  

This can be the most crucial SEO interview question that an interviewer can ask you. Actually, he wants to know the main reason behind choosing this field. Your correct and appropriate answer can easily win over their confidence over you to look forward to hiring you.  


One of the basic objectives behind asking this question is the interviewer is trying to assess your depth of knowledge regarding the changing business dynamics that is bothering them and how well you are prepared to tackle them. 

Hence, from the above information, it has become clear that, the type of SEO interview questions that a candidate may have to face in an interview board. Just stay calm and be prepared with your knowledge in a proper way to crack the interview in a very easy manner.  

Give your best and try to be proactive in your approach.