Tips to crack SSC CGL Mains English section 2020 Examination

Out of the millions of candidates in the country only few of them can reach the SSC CGL Mains English section 2020 examination. In the mains examination you need to prepare yourself in such a manner that you can easily crack the examination in one shot. Better to say with less effort you can score more marks The Tier 2 examination of the CGL is not that easy especially in the English section as it seems to be. This is why you need to follow some tricks to clear this section in a proper manner.

One thing you must be clear that the mains examination is that type of examination where unexpected type of questions may also arrive. This is why you need to prepare yourself mentally well for this examination. Most importantly here you cannot afford to do two things. First is wasting your time in a single question and second is the guess work. These two things can easily kill the chances of your selection process. This is why you need to be careful regarding these two areas as much as possible. Do not waste your marks in the examination.

Now, let’s explore some of the general as well as subjective tricks that you can follow in cracking the SSC CGL mains English section 2020 examination successfully. General tips to follow in cracking the examination:-

  • First know the examination pattern and the syllabus properly before preparation. There will be 200 questions of 200 marks that you need to solve in 2hrs. This means that you can take 6 seconds per questions to solve. This is why you need to be fast and accurate in your approach.
  • Divide your time in three slots for cracking the SSC CGL Mains English section 2020 examination. First is Vocabulary, second is the grammar and reading comprehension.
  • Take total of 3hours out of your 24 hours to practice English every day and allot three important sections of English 1 hours each every day. This will make your preparation level stronger for the examination.
  • Give a mock test on daily basis and identify your weak areas to improve those areas by devoting more time of practice on it.
  • Do not make any guesswork or make any wrong attempt in the examination. The reason is with every wrong attempt you will be penalized of 0.50 marks of negative marking. So be definite and accurate while answering your questions in the

Subjective tips to crack SSC CGL mains English section tier 2 2020 examination

  • Apply right method to improve your vocabulary:- In a research study it has been found that 90% of the candidates face problems in the vocabulary sections. First they learn new words and then they forget those words. Now, the problem arises to the last few days of the examination when they need to remember all the new words they have learned. The solution is very simple in this case you can maintain flash cards, prepare notes and can compare the previous year question paper to understand which are the important antonyms and synonyms that comes very often in the examination and focus on those words more.
  • Make stories out of idioms and phrases:- Learn the stories related to remember the idioms and phrases in the examination. You may forget the idioms or the phrases but your subconscious mind will remember the stories related to the idioms & phrases for sure. This will help you to remember the idioms and the phrases in the SSC CGL Mains English section 2020 examination. Video learning for one word substitution:- If you want to remember the one word substitution for longer duration and if you want that these should be stored in your mind for longer duration then search Youtube videos regarding the one word substitution. This will help you to remember the concepts for the longer duration. Thus you can score more in this section very easily.
  • Sentence correction and spotting errors:- To score well in this area just read the sentence in one shot you will understand clearly that where the sentence sounds weird and this will be your answer to the question.
  • Use heat and trial method in appropriate word section:- In the insert the appropriate word section use the answer options given in the exam paper to solve it in a faster way. This will help you to score more in this area.
  • Reading comprehension:- The best short cut method to solve the reading comprehension is to read the questions first then the passage in this way you will get the clear summarized idea of the passage and you can solve it in a faster manner.

Hence, if you can apply the above mentioned tricks in the SSC CGL English section examination 2020 then you can easily score good amount of marks in the examination. Just you need to stay cool and focused before the examination arrives.