Tips to crack SSC CGL Mains Mathematics section 2020 Examination

Millions of candidates had sit for the SSC CGL Prelims Examination 2020 out of them only few of them get selected for the final round that is the mains section. Now the matter of fact is you do not want to lose this golden opportunity to crack the mains section and reach the final interview round. But the challenge here is that you need to clear both the Mathematics and the English paper to go to the next round. Now, the SSC CGL Mains Mathematics section of 2020 Examination is quite tricky compared to the other areas of the examination.

The most important part of the Mathematics section that makes every candidate worry is the calculation. The reason is longer the calculation it will kill more time of the student in the examination. You cannot afford to lose marks in the examination due to time pressure or due to wrong attempts you made in the examination. Regarding these two factors you need to be very careful and vigilant in the examinations. There are certain tricks you can easily adopt to crack this section very easily without losing any marks in the examination.

There are several factors that most of the candidates do not consider while preparing for the Mathematics section of the SSC CGL Mains examination.

  • Know the examination pattern:- This is the most vital and the basic aspect of the examination in SSC Mains Mathematics section 2020 examination that you need to follow. There will 100 questions in 2hrs you need to solve in the SSC Mains quant section. It actually means that you can devote 1min 20 seconds in each question to the maximum. If you invest more time than this then you might not able to make the maximum attempts in the examination.
  • Try to make easy attempts first:- The first few minutes of the examination is very important for your career. This is why do not attempt such questions that can block your mind in the examination. Try to make easy attempts first extract maximum
    marks out of it and then go for the difficult questions or the longer questions that you think that you can answer. You cannot afford to waste time in the examination as the time is very limited and you need to solve it within the specific time period.
  • Divide your time as per the syllabus:- Focus on your fundamentals or the basic concepts first. This comprises of the formulas of each chapter. Try to devote 3-4 hours daily on improving your calculation skills. This will help you to speed up in the examinations. You need not to worry regarding your calculation in the examination. Shortcut tricks are the second area where you need to devote at least one hour on daily basis. In this way you can easily make yourself strong in the
    Mathematics section of the SSC CGL mains 2020 examination. Remember that the more you save time in calculation the more you can increase your number of correct attempts in the examination.
  • Practice mock test and previous years paper:- The Mathematics section of the SSC CGL is all about practice. The more you practice the better will be your level of efficiency. Now the matter of fact is how much you can work in a day on this factor entirely depends on you. Online mock test will give you a feel about the environment of the examination and you can work on it accordingly as per the requirement. This will show you that where are you weak and in which areas you need to make an improvement. On the other hand previous years question paper will help you to understand regarding the examination and the question pattern as well as will give you the knowledge regarding the questions that are being repeated in the examination very often. Thus ultimately it will help you to score more in this section.
  • Prepare notes every time:- At the time of preparation if you find any new type of sums that you have never practiced before then note it down in your notebook. Prepare the list of the shortcut formulas that you need to remember. Watch the Youtube Videos if you forget them very often. In Mathematics the formulas are the true soul of the subject you cannot afford to forget those in the examination.

Hence, if you can follow the above mentioned steps religiously every day then the chances will be higher that you can easily crack the SSC CGL mains Mathematics section 2020 examination very easily. Before the last few days of the examination do
not take too much stress be cool and composed. This will help you to score more in the examination. A calm mind can easily solve any difficult situation very easily. Just you need to keep yourself ready for the examination.