Tips to crack the English Section for FCI prelims Exam 2020

The English Section for FCI prelims examination 2020 is the most scoring and the easy section to crack if you prepare for it in the right order. Most of the candidates are weak in this section as they consider this section to be the most unpredictable section to handle for them in the examination hall. Better to say some of the students do not even take care of the core grammatical errors that they do in the examination. Because of these small but crucial mistakes they cannot able to qualify in the examination.

Candidates need to apply smart but effective tactics to score well in this section. Believe me it is the easiest section to clear the cutoff if you prepare well for it. Just you need to keep certain important things in your mind before appearing for the examination. Keep your basics right. Secondly, do not make any wrong attempts out of your guess this can easily ruin your hard work that you have performed in the entire year. There are certain basic and simple steps if you can follow then you can easily crack this English section with ease.

Hence, let’s check out the ways that can easily help you to score good marks in the FCI English section prelims 2020 examination.

  • Improve your vocabulary:- Using online Flash cards, Thesaurus, and Word list candidates can easily improve upon their vocabulary. Consistent practice and making notes of the new words learnt every day can help you to crack this section
    easily. One important thing to remember the words is to make sentences with the words you learned. This will help you to remember the new words for a longer duration of time. Just use simple but effective techniques to improve on your
    vocabulary skills or knowledge.
  • Improve upon your English grammar:- Grammatical errors are the most silly errors for which you can feel guilty in the future. This is why work on your grammar, know the rules properly and apply them in the examination in a proper
    manner. Preposition, error correction, sentence improvement these are the chapters where your grammatical skills will be tested in big time. This is why the best part is to make yourself comfortable with the rules of grammar to solve those questions very easily. Just you need to practice hard and remember the rules every time.
  • Work on your reading comprehension skills:- The reading comprehension skills of yours will get increase once you read more books, articles and journals. The speed with which you read any comprehension and grasp the main points is crucial.
    This can prove to be the determiner in cracking this section easily. There are short cut techniques too in cracking the section of reading comprehension. Try to start from the questions it means the questions that are being asked in the passage will give you the clear idea about the theme of the topic. You can answer the questions in a short period of time if can apply this trick.
  • Give emphasis on mock test:- The more mock test you give the sharper will be your skills. You will have a clear idea that where you stand in your level of preparation. This can help you to work on your skill sets in an effective as well as in an informed manner. Once, you start to crack the cutoffs in the mock test your confidence will get boost up easily and you can tackle the questions in the examination smoothly. Hence, the chances of your selection will increase a lot. You just need to follow the steps in a consistent manner.
  • Make your process simple and easy:-The process for attempting the questions in the examination must be simple and easy. This will help you out in two ways first it will increase your speed and secondly, it will increase your accuracy. Both these aspects are very vital in cracking the examination for which you are appearing. Do not waste your time in the examination. Just answer and leave the question wastage of time can easily kill your chances. Be smart and effective in your approach.

There are infinite numbers of tricks that you can apply to score well in FCI English section Prelims Phase-1 Examination 2020. Just be cool, calm and positive in your approach do not panic on the matters that decrease your level of confidence. Work on your focus level also to crack the examination with ease. Make simple and innovative ways for your preparation so that you can apply it easily and achieve success. The basic aim one should make in the initial stages of the examination is to clear the Cutoffs first. After that you can build on to get more marks in the examination. Set goals that can be achieved very easily.