Tips to crack UPSC Examination 2020

UPSC examination is one of the toughest examinations that are being conducted by the Government of India. Competition is less but the difficulty level of the examination is very high. This is one of the most prestigious examinations conducted by the civil service board every year. Lots of candidates apply for this examination every year but only few of them
get qualified in this examination. The secret to crack this examination is not known to all so we are going to discuss regarding this fact one after the other. One of the important aspects is that you need to very discipline in your approach while preparing for UPSC examination 2020.

Therefore let’s find out the facts that will help you in order to understand various strategies to crack this examination

  • Prepare Yourself for the examination first:- Before you start to prepare yourself for the examination first you need to prepare yourself mentally for this examination. Set your goals and devote your time effectively. Even a single second of distraction can prove to be harmful for you. Balance of time, energy and money is there in the preparation of this examination. This is why you need to prepare yourself both physically and mentally to crack this examination.\
  • Make your own time table:- Preparing own time table for the examination is also very important in this examination. The reason is every single second will count and you need to maintain this time table religiously. Set your own deadlines and try to complete your task within that time frame. This will help you to progress in the process of preparation smoothly. This is why this system is considered to be the most effective way to score good marks in the UPSC examination 2020.
  • Know your syllabus:- If you want to crack the examination then you need to know the syllabus of the UPSC exam. We all know that the syllabus is the soul of any examination. So, if you want to excel in any examination then you need to know the syllabus first. Basically the entire selection process is divided in to three modes prelims, mains and the face to face round if the interview. This is why if you want to crack the examination then you need to complete the syllabus of the prelims first and need to complete the syllabus of the all the subjects that are there in this examination.
  • Newspaper reading and knowledge of current affairs:- For cracking the IAS examination reading of the Newspapers is must. This will not only increase your knowledge but also will enhance you vocabulary. Newspapers are the rich source of current affairs and current events. This is why it is very important to know each and every aspect of the news in detail. The reason is in UPSC examination these current affairs matters a lot and questions may be asked on that burning topics for which the candidate must have the adequate knowledge to answer in a proper and in orderly manner.
  • Choose the optional subject carefully:- In the UPSC examination a 500 marks option paper you need to choose. This is why while doing so just judge you interest and the passion for the subject you are going to choose. There are some important aspect that you need to follow while selecting an optional subject for the UPSC examination 2020

a) Prior knowledge of the subject/or in the academic background.

b) The level of interest you possess in a particular subject.

c) Availability of coaching

d) GS paper overlapping

e) The available sources of study material that you require.

Hence these are some of the crucial factors that you need to keep in mind while selecting the optional subject for your UPSC Examination.

  • Making notes and watching videos:- Some times what we read we forget but whatwe see we remember. This is why the same thing applies in case of UPSC exam too. The syllabus is huge and vast. So, if you want to remember the concepts then you can make your own notebook or can watch Youtube videos to remember the concepts in a proper manner for longer duration of time.

Hence from the above information it is absolutely clear that UPSC examination demands your 100% focus and attention. You need to work hard as well as smart to crack this examination. Large number of students appears for this examination but only few of them can only crack this examination. The reason is they prepare hard for this examination right from the beginning keeping in mind each and every aspect of it.

So, try to avoid last month preparation at least for UPSC Examination 2020. This is that sort of examination that you cannot afford to be casual in your approach of preparation. You need to be very disciplined and consistent in your approach.