Tips to crack UPSC prelims 2020 in First attempt

Millions of candidates every year sit for UPSC prelims exam but only a few of them able to crack these examinations in a proper way. This year also the UPSC prelims examination 2020 will be one of the toughest competitive examinations in India this time. Therefore the candidates have to prepare themselves very well to crack this examination in the first
attempt. The syllabus of the UPSC prelims examination syllabus is quite huge compared to other government competitive examinations. This is why candidates need to focus more on completing the syllabus on time first.

There are several ways using which you can develop your preparation for the UPSC prelims examination. But before that, you need to understand the syllabus in a proper way to strategize your plan for the preparation of the examination.

Subjects Number of objective questions (marks) Duration
GS- Paper – 1 100 questions of 2 marks 2 hours
GS- Paper – 2 (CSAT) 80 questions of 2.5 marks 2 hours
Total 180 questions of 400 marks  
  • Revise the important topics and notes:- Try to revise the important topics and notes so that you can get a clear picture of your preparation level. Practice more on the important topics that can be asked in the examination of the prelims in UPSC examination 2020. Do not make any foolish attempt in the exam. Revise the old as well as the new topics that you have prepared earlier.
  • Make proper adjustment of time:- You just cannot leave any topic for this examination. Better to say that you need to give proper importance and the time allotment to all the subjects in proper order. This will help you to score more at the time of examination. In most of the cases candidates focus on a single topic they do not give equal weightage to all the topics that are required for cracking the prelims exams in the first attempt. This is why equal allotment of time is necessary for this examination.
  • Practice the mock test and the previous year’s papers:- The more you practice the mock test and the previous year’s papers the better will be your performance in the examination. The best part in this is you need to understand the pattern of the examination and need to frame out your own strategy as per the need of the situation. Along with that the more mock test you attempt before the examination the better will be your concept regarding the level of your preparation. You will have a clear idea that what are your strengths and weakness.
  • Read the complete question first:- It is always good to have the confidence in any topic but at times overconfidence can kill your confidence. This is why in the examination as well as at the time of preparation it is very important that you must read the questions first. This will help you to understand clearly that which answers will be appropriate for the question. But at times students do not read the questions they straight away give their answers if they find that the question paper is common to them. This is actually a wrong practice try to get over it especially in these types of competitive examinations.
  • To maximize your score try to maintain your speed and accuracy:- If you want to maximize your score then you need to maintain your speed and accuracy level in a proper manner otherwise you can lose marks for your every wrong attempt that you make in the examination. 1/3 rd of the marks will be deducted from your total for every wrong answer. This will not only affect your wrong attempt but will also affect your right attempt too. The reason is negative marking will reduce your marks scoring opportunity. This is why try to be as accurate as possible in your approach. Remember one thing that 33% of the minimum cutoff is there for each paper.
  • Do not block your mind:- One of the best ways to crack the UPSC prelims Examination 2020 is to keep your mind open always regarding the selection of the questions and the number of attempts you make. Do not get stuck to one question any time. This will waste or can kill your time at the time of the examination. Try to attempt the easy questions first this will boost up your confidence in the examination hall.

Be a proactive candidate who knows his strength and weaknesses and act according to it. Try to attempt the easy questions first then attempt the difficult ones this is the smart tactics that you can apply in this examination.

Try to make the smart selection of the questions in the UPSC examination 2020. Do not attempt such questions that will drop your level of self confidence in the examination. Be a smart person to make your choices in the examination this will help you to crack the examination in the very first attempt. Just give your 100% in every section so that you can score high marks in the examination.