Tips to prepare for FCI Reasoning 2020 Prelims examination

Candidates from all across the country wait for the FCI recruitment notification every year. Many candidates aspire to crack the FCI examination prelims 2020 to qualify for the next round. But the reality is only few of them can crack the examination and the rest lags behind. Now, let’s see the areas where they lag after English the reasoning section is the area where they spend most of the time in the examination. To crack the FCI Reasoning 2020 prelims examination you need to strategize the things in a smart way. Just you need to follow certain steps in a proper manner in order to get success in your examination.

One of the most important thing in the light of this matter is you need to focus on the key areas of the subject to secure success in the examination. This is why until and unless you follow certain tricks in an effective way you cannot score well in the reasoning section. First of all you need to understand the examination pattern to score well in this section. Just you need to make proper time management and hit the right basics to keep things easy and simple for yourself.

Therefore, let’s find out the ways in order to make things simple in the reasoning section of the FCI 2020 examination prelims.

  • Understand the pattern of the examination:- Understanding the pattern of the examination is very important in cracking the examination in an effective manner. There are 35 questions that you need to do in 20 minutes. This actually means that
    you need to solve 1 question within 34 seconds. This means that you need to be very fast and accurate in your approach. For this you need to understand the areas of the question paper in the reason section that requires less time compared to other.
  • Work on your logical skills:- You need to sharpen your logical and analytical skills to score well in the reasoning section of the FCI examination 2020. The best way to do that is to practice and see things in the most logical manner regarding any
    puzzle you come across during the time of your preparation. To solve any analogy, relationships or direction sense problem you must be well accustomed with the normal relationships and directions. Better to say you need to familiar with it. Then
    only it will kill less time in the examination.
  • Command over the Concepts:- You must ensure that on which concepts you need to work upon and crystal clear concepts is very important in clearing the reasoning section. For this you need to regularly work on your concepts and brush upon the old chapter that you have left behind in the process of your preparation. Try to grasp the insights of the concepts and create a shortcut method to remember the concepts that you have already practiced before. Just try to be specific and precise in your approach.
  • Do not make unnecessary assumptions:- Remember one thing that stick to the data that are being provided in the question paper. Do not make any unnecessary judgments or the assumption while solving the problem. This will make the situation much worse for you if you make attempts on the basis of your preparation and without following the questions that are being asked in the question paper. Try to make a accurate and right attempt in your process of learning. Do not miscalculate on the basis of your believe system. First read the questions and solve the answer. Only then you can succeed.
  • Make attempts on the basis of right judgments:- Sometimes overconfidence can kill your chances for the selection process. The reason for this is you need to make the attempts in right order only then you can score well in this section. Sometimes the patter of the question remains the same but the numbers or the alphabets are changed and out of over confidence people make wrong attempts this thing must be stopped. The negative marking can hit badly in your process for clearing the cutoffs. This is why you need to be very vigilant in this matter. Do not get panicked after getting the question paper just stay cool.

Hence, from the above information you have got the idea that how you need to prepare for the examination of FCI reasoning section Prelims 2020. Try to be calculative and positive in your approach in solving the questions in the examination. Cool and calm mind can solve any difficult problems. This phrase holds good in this section as well you cannot expect to have all the things to be in your favor all at a time. Just you need to answer the questions to the best of your ability. The rest depends on the level of competition and your performance in the examination.