Tips to score high marks in Mathematics in FCI 2020 Examinations

The Mathematics section in FCI 2020 examination is the trickiest area to score marks. Most of the candidates get jumbled up in this area. They cannot strike out the right way to score high marks in this section. There are certain important factors that most of the candidates overlook at the time of examination but these small but important factors may bother you a lot at the end of the examination. This is why you need to strategize the things in proper order so as to get the desired result of your choice.

Most importantly that most of the candidates forgets is preparing a daily plan for any subject that they are going to face in the examination. If you want to score good marks in this section then you need to take care of two important factors in this regard. First you need to make your basics strong and secondly need to work on your speed by learning the shortcut tricks to score well in the examination. Along with that, the mathematics section is that area where if you know the tricks then you can easily score high marks.

Just you need to follow certain important strategies to implement during the rime of your preparation and at the time of your examination.

  • Understand the examination and sectional pattern:- There are total of 35 questions that you need to solve in 20 minutes in the Mathematics section of FCI Prelims 2020 Examination. It actually means that you need to solve each question
    in the examination within duration of 6 seconds. This is means you have to be lightning fas in your process of calculation. This will be only possible when you will learn the short cut tricks in a proper manner.
  • Work on your basics:- If you are a beginner then just work on your basics first. Learn the formulas in a proper order. If your basics will be right then only you can score more in the examination. To score more you need to work hard more. For this
    you need to clear of your fundamental concepts first. There are certain chapter like Mensuration, Geometry, Profit and loss, Time and distance, Time and work where if you know the formulae in a proper way then only you can harness the concepts in a better manner. Just you need to keep your basics in a proper order.
  • Learn short cut methods:- Learn the shortcut methods to save both your time and energy in the examination. Each chapter there is short cut methods and you need to apply it in the examination. Now comes the method of remembrance if you can
    remember then only you can implement the shortcut tricks in the examinations. For remembering the shortcut methods you can prepare notes. This will come handy even at the time of examination. Ultimately, you can score well in the examination due to this method of preparing the notes.
  • Give as much mock test as possible:- You need to self assess your level of preparation from time to time. These mock test will help you to understand that where you stand in your preparation. Along with that, you will understand you strength and weak areas of your preparation. On the basis of that you can easily restructure of your plan and can convert your weak zones in to your strong zones. Thus you will get the opportunity to score more in the examination. Try to track your performance every rime in the mock test that you are giving. These will provide you the clear picture for your preparation.
  • Do not use to many risky short cuts in the examination:- Too many risky shortcuts can kill your marks. Better to say the chances of negative marking will get increase. This is why the best way is to make use of your shortcut weapon where there is a chance. Do not over use it otherwise you will fall in a trap of negative marking. Do a smart work but with caution otherwise it can ruin your dreams. Make a smart judgment in the examination hall try to be optimistic and careful in your approach.

To crack the Mathematics section in FCI 2020 examination you need to have a very calm and a patient mind. Otherwise you cannot tackle the questions that will come in the examination. Remember one thing always that will not happen which you want. The reverse case scenario may crop up. This is why your cool and compose mind can easily find the solution of any problem in the examination hall that may bother you. Just you need to increase the level of your accuracy in the examination to score more marks especially in the Mathematics section. Try to give your best and score more in this section.