Tips to score high marks in SBI Prelims Reasoning Section 2020

The SBI preliminary examination 2020 reasoning section is scoring but a tricky area to score more in this area. You need to be very smart to crack this section successfully. For that you need to have set up a plan in your mind in an orderly manner. The reasoning section is that area where you can easily core more if your level of preparation is very good. One thing is very important here the reasoning section can kill your time very easily if you are not prepared well strategically.

To score more in this section the logical thinking ability of the candidate must be very high. The puzzle solving ability must be very high. You need to understand the pattern of the examination in a proper manner. Along with that you need to maintain the speed and accuracy to solve the questions of this area in a rapid pace. You must try to avoid the negative marking and guessing habit to score well in this section. Most importantly if you want to score high in this area then certain strategy you need to follow to make the best out of it.

There are several tricks that you can easily apply to score well in this section. For that you need to follow and know the tricks in a proper manner and in an orderly manner.

So, let’s explore some of the important points that a candidate need to follow to score high
marks in this section.

  • Understand the pattern of the examination:- If you want to score more marks in the SBI prelims reasoning section 2020 examination then you must understand the question pattern first. In this regard, you need to understand the distribution off
    the marks proper order. You need to attempt 35 questions out of 20 minutes therefore you can just have 6 seconds to solve each questions. Therefore, you need to answer the questions really fast and you need to think fast also. You cannot afford to waste time in any question much.
  • Improve you puzzle solving ability:- A big chunk of the SBI prelims reasoning question will comprise of puzzle and sitting arrangement questions. This is why you need to make this area very strong so that you can score maximum marks in this
    area. Now the matter of fact is that, if you think that this area is too tough for you then you need to make the other parts of the exam paper very strong to score the sure sort marks from there.
  • Improve your practice sessions:- Only regular practice in the right way can help you to score more in reasoning section. Give as muck mock test as possible. This will help you to understand your weak and strong zones. After that work on your weak areas so that you can score as much marks as possible in the examination. One thing you must remember that while you make your practice do not forget to make a detailed analysis of the examination.
  • Improve on your logical thinking ability:- Most of the questions comes from the coding –decoding, direction sense, sitting arrangements and puzzles. These areas are quite challenging in nature and it requires your attention as well as your practice to score more in these areas. Apart from that, you need to be very cautious about the time so that it cannot kill your time more. The best way to solve these areas successfully is to find out the link that will be the puzzle solver to the entire question. Make your effort count in the examination. Do not just throw away your chances.
  • Time management:- Proper allocation of the time and the right time management is very important to score well in the reasoning section of SBI prelims 2020 examination. The time management is essential both before and at the time of the examination. The reason is your time management skills can make you or can break you in the examination. This is why you need to allot 3-4 hours every day in the reasoning section to score well in this area. Just use your time judiciously and avoid the mistakes.

Your rightful attitude to score well SBI preliminary examination 2020 reasoning section can help you to clear the selection process very easily. Just you need to follow the above mentioned points religiously. All the points that are being mentioned above can help you a lot in scoring well in this section. Just do not ignore it. Practices well give your 100% and score well in this section. Candidates often score good marks in this section. But you need to follow the strategies in every step of your preparation process to achieve success. Therefore, best of luck for your upcoming examination and convert your dreams in to a reality.