Tips to write a Cover letter for the fresher’s in BPO jobs

The cover letter is the main face of your identity towards your prospective employer. This can easily make or can break your image before your employer. The basic objective behind designing a proper cover letter is to grab the employer’s attention and to create a positive impression at the time of the interview. So the cover letter for the call centre must include the technical, rating, and your communication skills, persuading skills must be highlighted properly. So, that people feel encouraged to move further ahead in your interview round. That is the reason why some specific guidelines required to be maintained while creating an appealing cover letter in front of your prospective employer.  

There are certain guidelines need to be followed which are essential for an effective cover letter for the call centre.  

A good cover letter must include the following things which are essential for a recruiter to know. So let’s explore what are those essential things that need to be kept in mind while writing a cover letter for the call centre. The basic idea is very simple and clear. You have to grab the opportunity which is coming on your way. So let’s see some of the key points which can create a great impact on the mind of your employer. 

  • The name, address, phone number should be placed at the top right corner of your cover letter. 
  • The contact person’s full name and the business name should be placed in the left. 
  • It is essential to keep a reference line like application for the post of Customer care executive post. 
  • The most vital of them all is that address your reader directly as for example (Dear Mr Goel try to avoid this sort of phrase like to whom it may concern.) It actually sounds rash and the connectivity between the employer and the employee get hampered. 
  • A very catchy opening statement that directly introduces you to the reader. Actually, you need to hit the bull’s eye avoid beating around the ambush. 
  • Writing a cover letter for a call centre is not so tough as it seems to be. Just on the basis of the relevancy of the job you need to highlight the characteristics and quality in the main body. 
  • A closing paragraph must ask to arrange for an interview that needs to be scheduled.  

The above-mentioned points are very much fruitful for those candidates who are in the entry-level stage. Now, some important tips for those candidates who are absolutely fresher and needs a start-up point in their career.  So let’s see what are those points that need to be kept in mind while writing a cover letter for the call centre of a fresher candidate.  


  • State that skills which highlights you as a team player.
  • A professional attribute which highlights your passion for learning new things from the organization. 
  • Schoolwork achievements like volunteering, in any event, sports which reflects your enthusiasm and skill for work. 

So these sort of learning attitude, zeal, and passion need to be highlighted in your cover letter. 

Now let’s focus on some of the very sure short tricks that can help you to create a good impression towards your employer when you sit for a job interview.  

  1. Be through with your resume and don’t miss any point where you can be trapped by the interviewer.  
  2. Just be a proactive analyzer of the questions that are being asked by your prospective employer.  
  3. Don’t be over-excited at times at the time of the interview and be specific in your approach.   
  4. Try to understand the need of the job profile and accordingly craft your answer so that the loopholes are as less as possible. 
  5. Put those points on your cover letter where you are absolutely confident and you believe that you can apply these things at the time when you will perform your job. 
  6. Try to avoid self agitation and be yourself at the time of interview. 
  7. Just say that you believe and can perform at the time of the interview. 
  8. Be a proactive listener and a cunning replier for the questions that are being asked to you on the interview board. 

Hence, from the above information, it has become clear that how you can design your cover letter and put a great mark in the mind of the interviewer. Just stay calm and cool. 

Make your path easier rather than complex. Just try to understand the demand for the job profile that you are applying for. This will help you to understand the type of questions and the mind of the interviewer in a better way. Increase your chances for selection and try to make as fewer mistakes as possible. Don’t be fooled out of the questions.