Top 10 Government Jobs In India

Top 10 Government Jobs in India

Top paid government jobs in India | Highest salary in India government | Most powerful government jobs in India

Government Jobs In India, It is an interesting topic in youth across India because of every student dream about a high paid government job in India. Nowadays whatever it may be everyone in their life gives the first option to govt job then only they can think through about the private sector. There is a lot of reason why Indian student thinks such a way, of course, the govt job in India gives 100% job security and after 14 planning commission the pay scales increase a lot. The only challenge in government Job in India is there are a lot of transfers and other challenges like unnecessary political pressure from public leaders and higher authorities. The pressure may very job to job and place to place and also person to person, so always keep in mind the pressure is one of the common things in any job and not only in govt job until you manage well. So why are we waiting just jump to below section and have a look at what all the top 10 highest paying government jobs in India and Indian government highest salary jobs?

1.Civil Services IAS, IPS & IFS

Yes, most of the students dream role is a powerful public servant in India. This job really grabs the attention of every student. I think every student in their lifetime at least thinks once about this job. The major benefit of this job is who interested in public service and always grab the public attention for them this is one of the best choices. The IAS, IPS & IFS jobs are one of the highest salary in India in the government sector. It is one of the VIP Government Jobs In India.

Roles and Responsibilities-

1. Since it is a public service job always interact with people and solve their problems.

2. As an IAS, he or she is the in charge of one of the districts in India and implement government policies within that district.

3. As an IPS, he or she is in charge of the Police department of one of the district and take care of the law and order

4. As an IFS, he or she can take care of a range of forest in the assigned area

2.Indian Foreign Service

As the name says it is a foreign service job which coordinates and take care of the relationships between India and other countries. As this one of the topmost government service, the pay scale also good and these guys can get TA and DAs whenever any foreign trips. Usually, these job guys are in the eye in foreign delegates.

Roles and Responsibilities

1. Take care of the foreign services

2.Travel along with government officials

3.Coordination between foreign delegates and Indian administration.

3.State Public Service Commission Grade 1 Officer

One of the gazetted and top rank job in state services as equal to civil services. The state has conducted the exam to select their top level administrative officials as a group 1 jobs. These guys also in public relations and executors of government bills and laws.

Roles and Responsibilities

1. Since it is a public servant job these guys always solve the public issues under their limits

2. Help to government officials as per the ministry they allocated

4.Defense Services Army, Navy & Coastal Gaurd

As the name says it is an Indian security force serves as an Army officer or Navy or Coastal Gaurd Officer. One of the prestigious job in India. People who want to serve the country and they are ready to give their life this is the suitable job. The pay scale is very good and the government of India treat them as a high profile and provide all facilities.

Roles and Responsibilities

1.Mainly border security

2.Whenever any natural calamity they can serve for people inside the country

5.Scientists in ISRO & DRDO

One of the respectable and top paid jobs in India. The best example and role model for this job is our former president APJ Abdul Kalam. He served as a scientist in DRDO and ISRO. People who interested in research this job can be suitable. Pay scale is a good and decent job.

 Roles and Responsibilities

1. Mainly served as a scientist

2.Participate in Indian research and development services

6.RRB Grade B Officer

World number one government sector is Indian Railway Board. In this getting grade, 2 officer is one of the high paid jobs in Rail service. Travel pass across the country in railways free for their family members.

Roles and Responsibilities

1. After the selection process, they can alloted for a zone and the officer can take care as a chief zonal in charge.

2. He or she can be managed all rail activities under the zone

7.Government Doctor

Once the student completed the MBBS degree he becomes a doctor in India. As we know the medical cost in India is in the sky. Frankly, speak compare to government doctors private doctors who put their own practice at their place or work in corporate hospitals are highly paid in India. However, we are talking about government sector jobs the government doctor also one of the top payers in India.

Roles and Responsibilities

1.The regular visit to the government hospital where he allocated

2. Serve the patients on the daily basis

8.Government Lecturer | University Professor

As the name says it is a teaching profession, people who interested in teaching this is the best suitable job. Frankly, speaking this profession are national builders. But the sad part is once they get government lecturer or professor job they are doing their privates by ignoring the government college students. However, that is a different topic as such and this profession and the job is listed as one of the top paid jobs in India.Cool and sweet job!

Roles and Responsibilities

1.Conduct the classes for students in government colleges

2. Make the students best in their career and patriotism towards national building

9.Bank | Insurance Officer (PO, AAO, ADO etc.)

Not only in India, I think across the world the bank job is one of the well-paid jobs. The bank and Insurance institutions PO, AAO, ADO are well-paid jobs in India. People who interested in accounts and commerce this is the best suitable job.

Roles and Responsibilities

1. These are the people who maintain the bank region

2. Take care of the branch turnovers and try to improve the business

10.Photographer with Photo Division of India

Sounds like simple as a photographer but this is one of the professional photographers for the government of India. This is job looks like an art related and creative but one of the tops paid job in India. Since they can call it official photographers for the govt of India they can work for govt ministries and public gatherings, internal meetings, abroad trips etc.

Roles and Responsibilities

1.Travel to abroad with delegates

2. Click the photos for Government Photo division of India

3.Travel across the country and public meetings along with government ministers and officials

Like this when we keep on talking about Government Jobs In India, it is a vast and incomplete topic. However, this blog dedicated to providing all Government Jobs In India information without any limit. Our vision and primary goal are we want to bring every Sarkari Naukri irrespective of whether its high paid or low. This way students can get maximum information and utilize this information in their career. Please provide other government jobs which are paid good so that our students and friends and viewers can get the benefit.Bookmark this page by click on CTRL+D for latest govt jobs information.