Top 10 investment options to get rich

Top 10 investment options to get rich : With years are passing the standard of living are also improving. We all want to spend good quality time with the family members, kids, where we can focus on them only. Upon that the new year is coming. To enjoy this dream in reality we must have good financial security. It is not a difficult task to make good financial security for that you need to do a little bit of research. All of us want to make our money double by investing in somewhere where the risk is Less and the money would be double within a period.

Whenever we thought of investing our money, then the main motive of us is to make the investment money double with high returns as fast as possible without any risk of losing the invested money which we have invested. But, trust me the reality is opposite when you are getting high returns on your invested money the risk is also high and vice versa. So every time We lookout for the best investment option where we can easily invest our money and get rich as fast as possible.

The money which you are going to invest in a particular product, you must read all the terms and condition of that particular product and the risk which is associated with the product also. There are some investment plan where you can make your invested money doubled within a period but the risk is high on the other hand if you want to invest your money in long term basis the return would be less as well as the risk is also less. Now it’s all up to you that which form of investment do you want to choose and invest your hard-earned money.

See, basically there are two modes of the process of investing money one is financial asset mode and the other one is non financial asset mode. The financial assets mode include public provident fund, bank fixed deposits, etc. On the other hand non financial assets include gold and real estate.

Here below we have come out with the best Top 10 investment options to get rich where you can invest your hard-earned money very easily and with less risk.

1. Stock Market

Investing your money in buying shares of a company is one of the best options. This process of investing money is very easy to do. You can buy a stock of shares of any company which you want to. Now if you want to hold those your in your hand you can do it on the other hand if you want to trade that share which you are holding right now in the stock market you are free to do it. It is such a best investment option which will help you to make your money double in a second. Yes, the risk in this investment option is also high.

2.Equity Mutual fund

This is an investment option where funds are collected from different companies and those funds are managed by a fund management person and it’s engaged people to invests in stocks and bonds of various companies and create a return. According to the securities and exchange board of India, the mutual fund must invest 65 percent of its assets in equity and equity-related instruments. Currently, the mutual fund is giving a return on investment money is 15 – 20 percent. This investment option is also related to market risk.

3.Public Provident fund

The public provident fund is considered as one of the safest investment options as you are getting back the invested principal amount as well as the interest which you have earned by sovereign guarantee. If you are investing your money in the public provident fund then it is compulsory that you need to keep your money for 15 years. The interest which you earn is completely tax-free internet. This is a long term investment process. Many people prefer to invest their money in this investment option.

4.Bank Fixed deposits

Are you from India? And search for best investment option and safe to invest your money? Then Bank fixed deposits will be the perfect option for you to invest your money. Invest your money in bank fixed deposit option. Where you need to you keep your lump sum amount of money for a period you want to choose to suppose 4 years, 10 years. In this deposit money, you will get a rate of interest from the bank on a monthly, quarterly or every year. 

5.Real estate

With your hard-earned money you can purchase land of the property. Trust me this investment option will return you a huge amount of money with less risk. As because you are going to earn in two different ways from this investment options one is capital appreciation and the other one is rental appreciation. one thing you need to keep in your mind while investing your money in purchasing property, “The location of the property”. This is only an important factor which will make your investment double within a period.

6. Gold

This is a non financial asset mode of investment option. You can invest your money by purchasing the gold coin which you can trade in the market when the price of the gold get height.

7.Senior citizen saving scheme

Class investment plan is available only for those people whose age is above 60 years.  This is a government-sponsored investment plan where you will also get a high and steady rate of interest.

8.Debt Mutual Fund

If you are looking for an investment option where you can get steady return then debt Mutual fund will be perfect for you. This is a type of mutual fund who invest in corporate bonds, government security, treasury bills, etc. Currently, debt mutual funds return 6.5, 7.5 and 8 percent interest.

9.National Pension System

This is a long term investment option. Where you need to decide how the money you want to invest in equity through a national pension system. Currently the return you can get 11 percent respectively.

10.RBI Taxable Bonds

This investment option will keep your money for the tenure of 7 years. You need to purchase a bond with your money instead of this you will get a good rate of interest from RBI.

Hope above Top 10 investment options to get rich helps you to take a decision for your future investments.All above options I have mentioned are up to my knowledge and it working best for me.However before you invest in any of above option do proper analysis with market experts and invest in which you feel is accurate for you.