Top 5 Ecommerce companies in India

There are millions of E-commerce websites present in the market. India is considered to be the home of all buyers. There are sites which cater to all the household as well as the sophisticated need of every individual. Today India constitutes of 450 million user base as of July 2017 and it also constitutes 40% of the population who use E-commerce sites to fulfil their daily basic needs. So let’s now explore those top five E-commerce sites which are used by Indian buyers mostly today. Several reasons are responsible which makes E-commerce sites popular and trustworthy in the eyes of its visitors. So we will now see what those factors are and what the most influential E-commerce sites of India.

  • The products which are mostly purchased by users of Flipkart are Home appliances, Computer peripherals, Books gadgets etc. It is considered as the most popular website in India. As over the years, it has become the household name to everyone. At one point in time, its USP was to offer books at a discounted rate. Today has vast
    collections of every brand's laptop, cell phones, cameras and games. They also offer most of their high valued products at a discount to attract the attention of its target group of customers. The filtering options of products & categories are very user friendly and easily accessible to everyone. The delivery systems of their purchased products are
    very fast and the payment system is very unique that's why it is one of the most demanded E-commerce sites in India today. If you face any difficulty you can contact Flipkart in their customer care number provided on their website.
  • This E-commerce site comes second in the rank in case of popularity after Flipkart. In terms of layout, it looks similar to that of Flipkart. Lifestyle products, Computer peripherals, home appliances, books, gadgets are available on this website for its users. Some of the lifestyle products include books, magazines, and attractive branded watches. There are wide collections of computer peripherals available on this site at an affordable rate. It gives the provision to pay 0 per cent monthly instalments. It features a deal in every category pages it is one of the most unique features of this site.
  • eBay. in It is considered to be one of the big names in the eCommerce segment internationally. Here an individual can find all sorts of products of their needs. From 19th century currency to 55 inches 3D led TV all are available here. It is also considered to be the one-stop destination for shopping in the global market. Global easy is a feature which allows selling its products globally in local currency. This is the most remarkable feature of this brand. It also protects the consumer from product damage.
  • Shopping India This website belongs to the Times group. It is also one of the old players in the eCommerce segment. In India, it is less popular compared to the previous three ones. This is due to the fact that inspires their capacity to avail all the products of customers choice. The discount rates and the website structure is not so great compared to previous sites. Only a visitor of the 21st century can get variety in non-electronic items. It requires an up-gradation to match up with the competition in the market.
  • This website is good for purchasing mobile and computer accessories. Choices for the buyers are less here but products are available at an affordable rate. The layout is quite clean but not enough for its target audience.

How Ecommerce companies can help in the times of Novel Corona Virus?

There are several ways the E-commerce sites can help and grow at the time of Novel Corona Virus to expand their market size and to set a better example for mankind and
also for the future generations.

The names of all the mentioned companies that are shown above till date are focussing their attention in earning profit. Now they have to shift their trading pattern to maintain their market share in India. So, let’s see where they can make significant contributions in these difficult times.

  • They can shift their business model from selling luxury items to necessity items that are people searching for in this crisis time.
  • These E-commerce sites can easily sell grocery items to make a balance of demand and supply position in the market.
  • Usage of more drones to make the delivery of products at the consumers' place to avoid the spread of infection
  • Increase the scope for online jobs in the country to give them an ample amount of scope for earning to the youth of the nation.

Hence, if in this difficult times if we do not unite and work for a common objective then our chances for survival will be very less. In this crisis situation, the contribution of these E-commerce sites can prove to be a great game-changer for everyone.