Top 5 Government Jobs after completing MBA

After completing the MBA every candidate wants to get a very lucrative and high paying job. But the reality is in case of the corporate sector a candidate needs to spend five years of his life to get the high paying jobs. On the other hand, in the case of Government Jobs, the range of salary scale is quite high from the initial level compared to corporate jobs. Many students in our country aspire to get the PSU jobs after completing their Post Graduation. Just they need to know that, are the right government jobs that can help you to build your career in the right direction.     

There are several government jobs that a candidate can easily opt for after completing his or her Post-graduation in MBA.    

  • Personnel Officer in Banks:-

In every bank of that, works under the government directives have requires personnel officer for performing the human resource activities. Some of the basic responsibilities of the personnel officer are making the transfer or the posting of the employees. Apart from that, there are several other responsibilities are also there like arranging for the training programs for the employees, providing retirement benefit disbursal, making arrangements for the promotion of the employees, and lastly supervising and monitoring the performance of the staff.  

An MBA can have to look after the HR department of the government who has completed their MBA’s in the HR stream. They are all recruited in the national exams that are being conducted by IBPS banking group.  Every year near about 4000 vacancies is being offered by IBPS and 20 by SBI annually. 

  • Marketing officer in Banks:-

The banking sector currently is facing tremendous competition from the private sector banks. This is why they require highly qualified candidates who can provide resistance to this huge competition. This is why the government is now seeking the help of MBA marketing candidates who can easily counter this scenario with their innovative skills & thought process.  

Some of the basic duties of the marketing officer in the banks will be to prepare the strategy to sell out the bank products in the market. An MBA candidate working in marketing officer profile will have to coordinate with various ad agencies, to promote their products in the market. The basic task is to promote the products of the banks in an innovative and in a creative way by co-coordinating with various social media platforms. 

  • Additional program officer in different agencies:-

The primary responsibility of the program officer is to monitor the implementation of the program in the right order. On the basis of the merit, PSU selects the candidates who can handle the responsibility of making proper arrangement of the program.  

The responsibility of the program officer is quite heavy in nature. The reason is they have to look after each and every small and big matters relating to the invited guests of the program in a smooth manner. This job can only be performed effectively by the trained candidates in this field. This is why the MBA’s have the high chances to get the jobs in these types of profiles very easily.   

  • Management Trainee Positions in various PSU’s:-

Management trainee is another most lucrative vacancy that a government job provides to an MBA fresher. Government or the PSU’s have multiple departments open to offer the job facilities to these MBA fresher’s like HR, Operations and Finance. A management trainee is a basic level candidate who needs to learn and grow in his or her career. This is why they need to undergo a training process in the supervisory and management level.   

In this level, a candidate needs to learn things in detail this is why they have to work in each and every department to strengthen their grip in their specified field. Just you need to be proactive at the time of your learning process and keep your mind open for a new learning process.  

  • General Manager post In various PSU’s and Bank:- By the name of the postit has become clear the importance of this designation. The entire affairs of the organization a candidate need to manage in proper order. This may start from maintaining the cost elements to keeping the accurate records of the balance sheet.  

Now let’s get into the names of those organization who provide these job opportunities like IFCI, OMC ( Odisha Mining Corporation), BSNL and state trading corporation of India. In this list, many more are there. 

Hence, from the above information, it has become clear that how an MBA candidate can get quality job opportunities from the Government sector. Just you need to stay focus and alert regarding the various vacancies that the government offers to all the citizens of our country from time to time.  

This is why Government jobs are so preferred by MBA candidates to these days.