Top 5 online jobs from home without investment and without any degree

Online jobs from Home without Investment and without any degree | work from home Jobs | Part-time Jobs | No investment and good returns

Sounds good right! Yes, things have been changed in a decade, as we seen high-speed growth in internet and technology, nowadays the job can be done from anywhere in the world without going to the office. A lot of change in office works nowadays no need to say good morning to your boss in the office and not required to show your face whenever you take a this if we talk there are a lot of changes in office jobs. However our discussion is not on office job or manual attendance job, we are going to detail about Top 5 online jobs which are work from home or part-time jobs.

There are so many questions in the new era, how to do a job without office and without manager etc.but things has been changed and because of technology improvement, there are a lot of new opportunities in the market. Now you think about the online job, I want one accountant in my office and if I share my account details through online someone can manage accounts from outside my office using any tool like tally or any other application. So this way as an owner I can save his or her office space and as an employee, they can liberty to work from home without any supervision. It is just an example which I described to understand how the online system helps to do the job from home.

Now coming to the point there are plenty of jobs in the market which can be done from home or part-time.Let’s see one by one in the top to bottom and their potential to earn.

Top 10 online jobs from home without investment

1.Content writer/Blog writer

There are some other jobs which were in the top list but I am giving the first rank to content ranking based on the potential of this job. Nowadays what you are seeing the information in the google or internet which comes from one of the blog or website or youtube etc.think this information is not provided by Google or youtube, this can be done by someone like you or me. If you are good in written English in fact in your mother tongue the content writing job is suited for you and you can be settled as a blog writer or technical writer or news reporter etc.all these jobs can be work from home with your own system.

How to find and do this job?

Yes, its a million dollar question and answer are simple, nowadays there are so many freelancing websites which can allow you to register free and from there you can find a suitable content writing job.

I have mentioned above some of the top freelance service providers and you can search in the google by entering the word ‘freelance’ you will find hundreds of websites.

2.Online Tutor

The teaching profession now came into the cloud, you can teach from your personal computer to any country in this world. Mostly as a start, you can become an online tutor and earn good money approx $20 per hour. This can be part-time and work from home job which gives a good earning.

How to approach

There are some third-party websites who provide the place for you to become a tutor and they can opt some commission out of your earning. Also, you can try as a freelancing website. All you can do is type ‘online tutor’ in the google and get the related search results, then wisely choose right opportunity and constantly grow your online teaching career and money.

3.Data entry Jobs

Data entry job is one of the common terms which we can hear in online space, but be aware there are many fake companies who said they will give you good work and earnings but later they can cheat. So this data entry job also one of the trending online job which can be done work from home and the part-time job.

How to apply
I am not referring any website here who provides the work as I am not aware. But you can find on google by searching a term ‘data entry jobs’ and choose a trusted company. Be aware don’t pay any money in advance, whenever some ask money means that is fake and cheating company.

4.Freelancing Jobs

This is one more new term which we are hearing in the online era. You can work from by applying for a job from home and once you deliver the expected deliverable you can get paid through online. Interesting right, yes it is there are so many freelancing websites can allow you to bid and grab the jobs from their websites who posted and required the employer by taking a small commission from the guys who posted that job. So as a job seeker you are no need to pay any penny and once you deliver directly you can get your payment through online transfers from the company.

How to apply

There is a lot of freelancing website like etc. Just type a phrase freelancing websites in the google and you will get a lot of websites. Go through each of them and choose which is the best suit for your requirements and login into the website and bid whichever the job you are looking.

5.Affiliate Marketing

Do you know Amazon, Flipkart, Redbus etc..companies can pay you if someone buys their product through you? Yes, this is what we call it as affiliate marketing. Login to above websites as an affiliate and they can generate a code for you and by using your code someone buy in their website you will get the commission.

How To Apply

There are many e-commerce websites are providing the affiliate marketing option. This is a win to win option, how much you can promote and make sales happen that much commission you get it and as well as the company also increase their sales.

likewise, there are some more online jobs which provide some of the pocket money which you can earn through online and work from home.

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