What are the future scopes of Content Writing in India?

The field of content writing is very progressive and growing in nature. Better to say that every day its demand is increasing. Without quality content no website can rank well in SERP this is why the demand for quality content writers is increasing at a very fast pace in India right now. After the introduction of the concept of digital India, the demand for this field will increase at a robust rate in the country. Along with that, in our country 90% of the population is of youth and 80% of them are internet savvy in nature. This is why the scope and growth opportunity in this field is huge in the upcoming future.   

Now just get into some insights about the fact that how it got all started. The application of content for Business marketing was initiated far back in the 18th Century. This was done by Benjamin Franklin when he had for the first time published his yearly paper. At the time of Early 2000, the Search Engines gave birth to the concept of SEO copywriters and after that, it has evolved to form the Content writers.   

Today, Google also rewards the quality content writers for their excellent work that is plagiarism-free. 

Before, knowing the scope of Content writing in India let’s first understand different posts this field offers or what are the different types of career opportunities this field offers to its aspirants.    

Types of Content writing profiles:- 

  • Website Content writing. 
  • Technical Content writing. 
  • Article and blog writing.
  • Business content writing. 
  • Academic content writing. 
  • SEO writing  and 
  • Copywriting. 

Now let’s understand the scope of content writing in India for the upcoming years 

  • It drives more traffic compared to traditional marketing:- Quality content has the capacity to drive 7.8 times more traffic to the business compared to traditional marketing. This is why digital marketing is at its peak now a day. SME’s and big business houses in India are looking for quality writers to promote their business locally as well as globally so that they can get better exposure in the world at a large. 
  • Chances of higher engagement & higher brand recall:– In a research study, done by IBM in its digital experience survey in 2015 has stated in its report that 56% of the marketers are of the opinion and believe that quality and customized content writing has the capacity to build higher engagement rates and better brand recall.  
  • Less costly in nature:– The initial Indian startups business entrepreneurs enter in business with limited funds. They require strong branding to expand and grow. This is why a quality content writer can easily convert the game for then by promoting the brand by stating the exact unique features of their business products and services at a lower cost. In a research study, it has been found that for Indian business paradigm Content Marketing costs 62% less compared to traditional marketing which is very cost-effective in nature. 
  • Chances of higher conversion rate:- It has been a proven fact that brands which invest more in content marketing have higher chances of conversion rate compared to traditional marketing. The reason is currently in India people search their required products online rather than investing their time in going to shops or markets. This is why the demand for the quality content writers will increase in the years to come at a very fast pace in the country.   
  • The hiring of the Content writers increased a lot:– Research says that 73% of the organizations in India are hiring content strategist so that they can manage their contents. They require someone who can strategize the content in such a manner that it can prove to be appealing towards their target audience and can fetch better results and increase the conversion rate.  
  • Contents in Google considered to be authentic by its users:- Those websites whose blogs and articles rank higher on Google are considered to be authentic by the readers. This is why a quality content writer can easily change the buying behaviour of the consumer at a very large scale. This is why the demand for this field is increasing at a very fast pace in the country.  

In the upcoming years, the competition will be between the quality content writers rather than traditional marketing professionals for the promotion of any brand products in the Indian market. This is why brands who are still of the opinion in investing their money in traditional marketing can suffer huge losses due to this outdated thinking process. 

Currently, the youths of the nation have shifted their attention in buying their products online. They try to fetch product information from the internet. This is why the prospect for the quality content writers is increasing in India for the years to come. Just grab the opportunity.