What Are Top Benefits Of Government Jobs?

In India, great value has always been placed on government jobs. In the era of liberalization, the role of the private sector has escalated and job opportunities in this sector have multiplied tremendously along with offer of lucrative salaries and packages.Yet, the middle and lower middle class of the country still hanker for government jobs. There are still many reasons why government employment is still ruling the roost.

Here are some of the advantages of government jobs in India:


Reasonably Good Salary

Though private sector offers highly attractive salaries, the government salaries are not far behind.  Thanks to initiatives like 7th Pay Commission, the government is trying to bring salaries of government employees on par with the private sector. Even now, the gross salary of a government employee consists of TA (Travel Allowance), DA (Dearness Allowance), Rent and other benefits. Thus this gross salary works out to be highly competitive.

Salary on Time

Whether the economy is on an upswing or a down swing, a government employee is assured of his pay check every month on time. In contrast, the salary of a private employee depends on the fortunes of the company, based on whether it is making profit or not. Government employment is attractive because of such guaranteed income.

Job Security

Government employment offers matchless job security. Employees of the government are rarely fired due to any circumstances like poor performance. But lay-offs are quite common in the private sector when the company is performing poorly or the employee is not up to the mark as per regular assessments.

Pension till Death

Government employment offers pension till death, a bulwark against financial problems after retirement. Thus a government employee need not worry about retirement life as he is endowed with a handsome pension till death. The provisions of PF (Provident Fund), Gratuity and pension makes retirement, stress free.

Free Time/Work-Life Balance

The workload in a government is minimal. One needs to work only for fixed hours. In contrast, most private sector employees have to work long hours and over-time.

The government employment also offers plenty of leaves including all public sector holidays. Private employees have very less leave, often only 20 days a year. Such low burden of work helps government employees enjoy a good work-life balance.

Attractive Perks

A government job is most notable for its perks. One is official housing for which miniscule rent needs to be paid.  Housing is often in premium localities. Second is complete medical cover for employee and his family. Thirdly there is plenty of chance for vacations sponsored through the official LTA (Leave Travel Allowance), available almost every year. High government posts provide official vehicle, personal staff, concessional travel etc.

Easy Relocation

Majority of government jobs, particularly public sector bank jobs have good relocation policies for employees. An employee can relocate to a new city while working for the same bank, which is not possible in case of most private companies. This allows flexibility to move to a location suitable for spouse or parents.

These are some of the main benefits of working for the government. Search for the latest government jobs right here at jobcareerbook.com.  You will never regret your decision to seek a dream government job.