Which digital marketing job profiles can flourish your career in 2020?

Today, the process of brand building has changed a lot. Promotional strategies have evolved a lot. Currently, the youths of the nation have become teach savvy they like to search for things on various items of their need on various Search engines. This is why the demand for digital marketing professionals are increasing at a very fast pace. This is also one of the core reasons why the scopes for digital marketing jobs are increasing in India at a very faster rate. Just you need to understand the fact that, which job profiles can deliver you the bright future in this field.   

Before understanding the power of different job profiles of digital marketing fields let’s get an idea the real financial strength and potential of this field in the upcoming years. 

Currently, the digital marketing industry is worth $68 billion which is expected to rise by 40% growth rate in a very near future.   

Hence, let’s find out the profiles in the digital marketing field that can easily flourish in 2020.  

  • Digital marketing manager:- The scope and growth of this field is tremendous in this field in the upcoming years. If a digital marketing manager possesses 5+ years of experience then he/she can easily earn 15-20 lacks per annum in an average. This scale can also rise above to 40 lacks at times.  


The demand for digital marketing job opportunities is increasing at a tremendous pace. The basic job responsibilities of digital marketing managers are to lead a digital marketing team and to report the President of the marketing about the progress.   


Hence, for the coming decades, this job field is going to be the most lucrative job opportunities for the youth of any nation. 

  • Search Engine Optimization Executive or Expert:- 

Currently, this profile is also booming at a very fast pace. Corporate and big business houses don’t mind to invest a huge amount of money for this profile. SEO executives and experts can easily reduce the cost of spending money on Google ad words and can drive more traffic from Google for free. This is why SEO executive or SEO expert job profile is the most demanding digital marketing job profile by 2020-2030.   


An SEO manager can easily earn up to 353,396 per year. The basic responsibility of an SEO expert or an executive to make proper keyword research so that Google crawler bots can index your website pages well and provide your website with better search results.   

  • Social Media Marketing expert:-   

This is going to be one of the costliest digital marketing job profiles in the upcoming years. On average with a good amount of knowledge and experience a social media marketing expert can easily earn up to 328,300 per year basis.  


The basic job responsibilities of a social media expert are to guide the management in the investment of time and money on the right social channels and groups to earn better conversion rates for their business.  


This is why social media channels have become platforms for business promotion nowadays. Just you need to promote your brand products and services with the proper content in right social media groups and channels. The expected growth rate of this field is by 46%. 


  • Content Marketing strategist:-  

The power of content marketing strategist is huge in this field. A content writer with having 3-5 years of experience can easily earn up to 10-15 lacks per annum. A quality content marketing strategist can easily reduce the burden of traditional marketing investment by 68%.  Relevant and attractive content can easily make a long-term impact on the buying behaviour of your target audience very easily.  


This is why the digital marketing job field is on very high demand in recent days. Just the business owners need to select the right candidate for their work to be done in a proper manner. 


Freelancing or part-time content writing jobs can also become a lucrative opportunity for writers in India. Just you need to focus your reading to produce great content   

  • Copywriter:-   

A  Copywriter has a huge job responsibility with better-earning opportunities from their counterpart. They need to coordinate with the digital marketing managers and the content writing teams in order to present a persuasive content towards their target audience. 


The salary scale of a copywriter may exceed up to 374,203 per year. This may also be able to increase with the growing need of the business houses for their promotional purpose.   


Hence, from the above information, it has been clear that what the average demand for a digital marketing professional is only in India in the upcoming years. Just you need to know the growing trend of the market demand and the shift of choice of consumer behaviour.  

These above statistics clearly mentions the growing need for digital marketing professionals and how digital marketing jobs will increase in the coming years.