Which Government jobs will be less affected due to COVID -19?

The COVID -19 issues have made the entire world to go in lockdown. The Indian
government is also increasing the lockdown period for the country every day. The virus is
very deadly and communicable in nature. Even the advanced countries of the world cannot
able to stop the spread of the disease very effectively. People are being advised to stay back
in their home and to step their foot outside only when it is being absolutely necessary.
Railways and other public transport are completely closed as per the government
directives. Many schools, colleges and educational institutes and various corporate, as well
as government offices, are being closed.
The economy of the country is in complete disarray. Even in this scenario, there are certain
government jobs are there which is still remain unaffected in this crisis time of our
Hence, let’s get into the details that, in which government jobs the lockdown has its zero
 Indian Navy:- The Indian Naval Forces are continuously patrolling the shores and
the Indian waters to ensure the safety and security of our nation. 67572 active
personnel and 55000 reserve personnel are standing still like a great wall to
safeguard the frontiers of our nation. They are not only fighting against the enemy of
the nation but they are keeping their lives in stake by working at the time of
lockdown. We all Indians are staying in the home with our families but these brave
hearts are sacrificing their life for the safety and security for our nation.
This disease is deadly and the chances are more for spreading it quickly knowing
this fact they are doing their duties in the shore. These brave men deserve our
respect and gratitude. Government is also providing them with the safety kits to
them so that they can perform their duties in a proper manner.
 Indian Army:- One of the best-armed forces of the World is the Indian Army. They
are not safeguarding the borders of our country but also they are being posted in the
hotspot regions of the country to guard the people so that they don’t get out of their
homes quite often. They are fighting in the borders at the same time they are also
fighting against the spread of this virus by safeguarding us from the community
spread. In a real sense, they are the true superhero of our country.
Their fearless attitude has made the impossible possible. Our Country is safe and
sound. Even the Para SF forces are also active in 24/7 in order to ensure the safety
of our nation each and every time.

 Indian Air force:- Along with the Army and the Navy our brave Air warriors are
also performing their duty in the Indian Air space to ensure the safety of our
country. The threats from the enemy are continuously endangering our nation but
these brave warriors are performing their duties to ensure the security of the nation
as their prime importance. We should be proud of them that they are not caring
about the threats of this deadly disease but actively performing their duties in such
an adverse scenario to safeguard the borders of our country.
 Police Forces:- Our Police forces are continuously working on the hotspot areas of
the country to ensure the proper law and order as well as to maintain the norms of
social distancing among the citizens of our country. They are now on the duty to
identify any patients who are suffering from such diseases.
They are also continuously monitoring the facts that people must stay safe and
sound inside their homes and maintain the rules of the lockdown in the nation. They
are simply risking their lives and performing their duties. We cannot fight with this
disease directly but we can help these Corona warriors by providing our support
by staying back in the home and by making their job easier.
 Doctors and Nurses:- Today, Doctors and the nurses are the busiest people on the
planet. They are directly fighting with this Virus by risking their life. They are
providing medicine to the patients and serving the patients of COVID-19 so that
they get cured very quickly. It is their collective effort which has made India to
successfully fight back against this disease effectively till date and the death rate due
to this virus is also very low compared to the other countries of the world.

Hence, from the above information it has become clear that which government jobs have
remained still unaffected due to the lockdown in our country. We are lucky that where
these types of brave and fearless warrior resides. It has become our moral duty to help
them in performing them their duties effectively by staying at home.
They need our support and we cannot become selfish at this time of crisis.