Which jobs will stay safe after the introduction of Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence can become a nightmare in the coming years. Many job profiles may face severe crisis due to the application of this system. Science on one side is a blessing to human civilization and also a curse on the other hand if not handled with care. Big corporate houses want to reduce their cost of production and their variable cost in recent times. Both in the developed as well as in developing countries of the world artificial intelligence can prove to be a boon for the business owners and curse for the employees.   

But the matter of fact here is there are still some jobs which will stay safe in this period also. So, let’s find out the job profiles that machines cannot perform on their own. 

In this universe, every single thing has its strengths as well as weaknesses. Hence, AI is not an exception. 

There will be still certain jobs that artificial intelligence cannot perform on its own.   

  • Psychiatry:- 

This type of job profile cannot be performed by artificial intelligence in the very near future. The reason is in this marriage counselling job profile, social work and in Psychiatry it requires empathy, sensitive human behaviour, strong communication skills and ability to win the trust of your clients. Hence, these forms of skills cannot be generated or cannot be programmed in the memory of artificial intelligence. Emotions cannot be copied or cannot be stored in the mind of the machines. Hence this job profile will surely stay safe even after the invasion of A.I. 

  • Medical Care:-  

The health care industry will show a rise in employment in the coming years. The reason is Artificial Intelligence will act as a supportive tool for human health care but not the mind to cure the disease. Compassion, care and diligence can only be provided by the doctors, and the nurses not by the AI. In this scenario, the AI will just perform the supportive role not the core functioning of the profession. 

  • Fiction Writing:-    

In this job field also it requires lots of imagination, a maximum level of creative intelligence, emotional considerations and out of the box thinking ability. This is why writer’s job cannot be handled easily by artificial intelligence. They can just imitate the words and the write-ups but AI cannot think like human brains. Better to say that they are not faster than human thinking capability.  

  • AI-related research:- 

With the advancement of the technology the requirement for the qualified engineers for doing research will increase tremendously. There will be lots of jobs scope will arise for handling the task of AI automation in a very near future. Therefore the AI professionals need to keep themselves updated with the growing need for technological advancement. High-level language, object-oriented programming, assembly language, mobile programming will help AI professionals in achieving the purpose of the jobs. Thus, this job field will stay safe from the clutches of artificial intelligence.  

  • Management Professionals:-  

The chances of losing the job for the management professionals is nearly zero even in the age of artificial intelligence. One of the core reasons for this fact is management professionals use their IQ as well as their EQ to handle any tough situations. AI is being programmed to perform some specific tasks not to handle multiple awkward scenarios. 


To, understand the need of human minds is not so easy. This is why AI cannot pose any sort of threats to the profession of management professionals. This is why people who are working in the management fields have the reason to rejoice and enjoy.  


  • The art of teaching:- 

The profession of teaching is not just a job this career-building mission for every nation. They have the responsibility for creating the future generations of any country. The need for every single student is different and unique. This is why a good teacher first tries to understand the needs of the students then they start to teach as per the requirement. This ultimately leads to creating a quality group of students who can perform well in the future. But this sort of human understanding is being not possible for the AI to handle with care.  


Hence these are some of the professions that have high chances even after the introduction of artificial intelligence. Just, a candidate needs to be careful while selecting the job profile judiciously.  Job aspirants must consider these above-mentioned facts before choosing any career path that whether their job will stay safe or not. Therefore, if you want to stay safe in your job search just you need to be very prudent in selecting the right career for yourself.  

Try to give your best so that the chances of automation cannot affect your job. If you want a similar type of information in future then stay updated with our website from time to time.