Why someone gives you a job? Why should the company hire you?

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Why should the company hire you?  Yes, It questions about our self. If someone ready to pay a salary what you going to return them. If you ask about your self and answer this question then you are success 100%.

This is what everyone thinks about themselves and ask what are all skill sets you have and what is the best quote for them in the market. All most all of us think why I am not getting the job which is a wrong question instead you can think what all the skill set I have and how can I market them, you think this way you will not roam behind the companies instead I am challenging the companies are behind you.

Maybe today you may not have or you may have basic skill in any job and it is not bad and also no one in the world 100% on that skill set. What you gonna suppose to do is you keep on correct your self and improve the skill set up to the market standards, that’s it now your turn to get a job.

Also is that skill set really going to utilize the company in real time or is it a bookish knowledge what you gain. Think this angle and you will find a solution to make it better your self on the same skill. My grand maa used to say there is no value to the human in this world and only the value in this world is your skill set ad your innovative, smartness, hard work etc..If you do good and they want then only they can respect and keep you in the job. So my dear friends how much beautiful or handsome you are no matter what you are that cannot pay the single penny to you instead you show your skill and people will pay for that and they will praise you.

If we see in the history only the human is involved and reach to this extent because of his innovation and dynamic thinking than other creatures, that’s where his mind started growing than other creatures and started ruling this earth. So here in the current era now you are not competing with other creatures and remember you are competing with your community i.e human beings. So now you think out of this community who is holding best skill they only stand in the queue and pay for that.

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