Why the Craze for Government Jobs in India

India’s adoption of the policy of relief and globalization paved means for an excellent deal of development notably within the employment sector with the entry of international corporations and flourishing of the personal sectors. The Indian economy has proven to be an honest ground for the public and personal sector to co-exist.

But the surprising recession and economic instability have agitated the complete came upon not solely in India however across the world. The key victim beneath this prevailing scenario is that the gifted staff, discharged and freshers. The recession hit the used sector with an excellent impact within which the key and minor MNC had no comes to figure with leading to abate of regular payment and perks then slowly within the reduction of employees and in major cases close of operation in India. It created plenty of agony and mental depression within the minds of the younger generation.

According to a recent survey conducted by the Bank enlisting Board, there’s a pointy increase within the variety of candidates for the post of tentative Officers. Within recent years, even the skilled degree holder from the science and engineering field are applying for the desirable post within the Banking sector. It’s chiefly because of the sharp state crisis and instability of job within the international corporations. In India, there are lakhs of recent graduates passing out from totally different Universities and establishments each year. This creates a busy competition spirit within the employment sector for a restricted variety of vacancies arising within the job market. To position you within the excellent and secured job, government jobs are the most effective one for a bright future.

We provide all those necessary info to stay you on the correct track to secure the Government jobs. We tend to update each currently and so with the most recent notifications issued by the Government of India and its government. We tend to offer abundant insight information concerning the ordinance, necessary and extra qualification, expertise needed, choice procedures, regular payment and different edges, promotion details and retirement edge too associated with the government jobs. They tend to even cover the only vacancies to bulk vacancies keeping in mind the completion spirit of the task aspirants. We tend to cover the key examination conducted by the Union Public Service Commission, employees choice Commission, State Union Public Service Commission, Railway enlisting Boards and different Government Recruiting Bodies.

The Government of India possesses several departments for the sleek running of the country. Railways, phone services, Municipality Services, Body Services, Health Services, Legal Services, Public Sector Banks etc. are few of the necessary ones. For the functioning of these departments, there’s a necessity of employees. Many folks are recruited or used within the government offices for the functioning of the various departments.

Starting from the grade four level (lowest) employees until category one officers there are differing types of posts in government offices. There are immeasurable government staff operating everywhere India. The government of India conjointly provides security for such an oversized variety of staff.


Government jobs are thought to be extremely secure and stable and are most well-liked over personal jobs by most Indians. There are several reasons that Government Jobs in India are thought to be secure and stable. A number of them are:

  1. There’s no risk of loss of a job since the Govt of India could be a permanent body.
  2. There’s no risk of any decrement of salaries as per work. The salaries once mounted can solely have periodic increments until the tip of the service however decrements or demotions never happen in Govt. jobs.
  1. There’s a guarantee to obtain work. If the salary of 1 month could not be because of some technical reasons, then the salary is given successive month in conjunction with the salary of the successive month. So, an individual gets paid for his or her work and there’s no loss of salary regardless of performance or economic conditions.
  1. The government of India typically announces pageant bonus that adds up to the financial gain thus on meet the requirements throughout festivals.
  1. Some quantity of the salary is subtracted each month and is unbroken as Provident Fund that is lent to the worker at the time of want as a loan with no interest. And if he or she doesn’t use the PF then they get the whole PF quantity with interest throughout retirement.
  1. There’s a correct and well-defined point in time for operating hours. In no case will this be prolonged, if it’s prolonged then the worker is procured the additional work done by him.
  1. All the public holidays as declared by the government apply to government staff and that they needn’t work on those days. Some additional optional holidays are given.
  1. The worker is given a hard and fast variety of Casual leaves, mostly fifteen days during a year. Throughout recently though he’s inactive he’s paid. These facilitate the worker if he’s sick.
  1. The government of India permits the employees of a specific class to make into associations for his or her profit. These associations will claim any like the Govt if they feel that’s necessary. These associations conjointly return to assist their colleagues if they’re in any downside associated with their job. By this there’s a security to the workers and that they are saved from being exploited.
  1. The retired staff are given pensions thus on meet their wants when retirement. Just in case of death of the person, the pension is handed over to the significant other or politician of the worker.
  1. Just in case of death of a worker, the task is given to a member of the family if a necessity arises. If the member of the family isn’t eligible for the post he could also be given another job as per his qualification thus on support the family.
  1. The Govt of India conjointly provides with another allowances like HRA (House Rent Allowances), ta (Travelling Allowances) and DA (Dearness Allowances) to the worker as could also be needed.
  1. The government as per the rank of the worker conjointly provides him with the allowance of an LTC (Leave and Travel Concession) by that the government bears the fees of a holiday trip of an employee and therefore the folks obsessed with him i.e., his family once or twice a year as per the principles.
  1. Health Security is another feature of the Indian Government by that the government bears the burden of any ill-health of either the worker himself or any others obsessed with him. There are separate hospitals organized for the aim of the Government.
  2. Just in case of railways, the education of the youngsters of staff is paid by the government.


From the higher than it is said that there’s a craze for government jobs in India.