XIMB Business Excellence Summit Celebrating 30 Years

XIMB Business Excellence Summit Celebrating 30 Years

Xavier Institute of Management commended 30 years of recognized administration in the field of acadmic and business, and society. This festival was gone for uniting graduated class from broadened domains of business in the expectation of making a clever mix of thoughts, to make the following leg of the voyage significantly additionally satisfying.

In this interest, the foundation introduced the Business Excellence Summit on the 22nd of September at Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar, within the sight of twenty six recognized graduated class of the school crossing over the 30 years. This was done to start a chance to connect, celebrate, talk about, reflect and work together. The focal topic of the occasion was, ‘Building the vision for XIMB at 40 as per the VUCA world’. Mirroring the transcendent history of XIMB, it was obvious that this turning point was conceivable because of the cooperative endeavors of the administration, workforce, understudies and the whole Xavier crew.

The summit initiated with Vice Chancellor and Director of Xavier University, Dr. Fr. Paul Fernandes, conveying an illuminating discourse on brilliance and all inclusive instruction. He discussed “wings of greatness about which, he cited, We have to put on and ensure we can have conviction and responsibility later on. He trusted that there is a need to, think, reflect, move, and engage” brains to accomplish this perfection.

Day 2 of the summit contained board dialogs on points that planned to talk about the difficulties XIMB would need to surmount in the following ten years. Without empathy, you can’t turn into a decent pioneer, Mr. Sidharth Rath (Group Executive, Axis Bank) cited as the board talked about on how administration training instilled initiative abilities. Directed by Ms. Sunita Raut(Chief Inspiration Officer at her Own counseling practice), the board comprising of famous visitors like Mr. Sanjib K Ambasta (Senior VP, Aftermarket Business CV and Vespa 2W, Piaggio) and Mr. Prithwish Mukherjee (Marketing Head, Vodafone, Kolkata) set forward their useful contemplations and perspectives on administration. Initiative isn’t a piece of instruction framework. It is something we create after some time, Mr. Ashish Pati (COO, Care Hospitals) included.

The summit likewise saw administration talks by regarded graduated class like Mr. Shreeprakash Hota (Associate Director, HSBC), Mr. Subrat Sarangi (Associate Professor in Marketing, KIIT University) and Mr. Dipankar Das (Business Development Head and APAC Sales Leader, BridgeI2I). 90 percent of what I learnt was from XIMB,Mr. Simanta Mohanty (VP HR, Community Empowerment Lab) said in his adroit authority talk. Mr. Nilanjan Roy (Business Head, Global Health and Group Benefits, Cigna TTK) gave a sincere discuss how having a tutor is vital. Ms. Mrinalini Khusape (Head Special Projects-Sales and After Sales, Skoda India), Mr. Lalit Desiraju (Senior Director, Capgemini), Mr. Krishna K V (Senior VP, Transactional Banking, Yes Bank), Mr. Vijay Sinha (Senior VP HR, JSW Energy Ltd) and Mr. Sanjay Nayak (Strategic Business Practice Head-Industry Solutions, Infosys BPO) conveyed motivational discourses amid the session by demanding utilizing convincing authority to inspire individuals to contribute. On the off chance that you make esteems, cash goes ahead its own,”said Mr. Chittaranjan Mohanty (Own Venture, Former Executive Director, JP Morgan Chase) while Mr. Ashok Dash (Director-Partner Development (Tier I System Integrators), Microsoft) finished the session with a splendid sermon on Growth Mindset.


“Endeavor to help other people; in the event that you can’t, at any rate don’t hurt them,” a quote by Mr. Rakesh Kumar (Senior Consultant and Program Director, International Solar Alliance) was the sweet note on which the discussions finished.


There were additionally board discourses on certain industry pertinent subjects like that of VUCA, which saw pioneers like Mr. Sidharth Rath (Group Executive, Axis Bank) wondering about how impactful the adjustment in the following thirty years will be; expressing that, “India is at the cusp of a major change, the seeds of which are as of now sown.” The board talked about procedures which XIMB needs to embrace to surmount these difficulties and be an empowering influence in the VUCA world, with Mr. A.L. Jagannath (Senior Director, Dell-EMC Alliance, VMware) noticing, “On the off chance that we are not set up to transform, we will be VUCA-ed.”


On how administration training could cultivate enterprise, Mr. Chandra Sekhar Chitrala (Managing Director, Catalyst IT Solutions) expressed that administration training is giving a colossal lift to the work of our nation. Mr. Om Prakash Agarwal (CEO, Plastend) trusted that business can be instructed yet a calculative hazard is required while speakers like Mr. Susanta Mishra (CEO, PlacidivisionPvt Ltd), Mr. Zafrullah Khan (President HR, Emcure Pharmaceuticals) and Mr. Ashok Singha (Managing Director, CTRAN Consulting Ltd.) talked about the theme further, with Mr. Singha noticing, “Being a business person, we reliably must be imaginative”.


“Be Industry fit and industry applicable,” Mr. Sudhansu Sekhar Mishra (Chief Safety Officer, (National President XIMB Alumni),East Coast Railway) said as the board comprising of Mr. Chandra Sekhar Chitrala (Managing Director, Catalyst IT Solutions) and Ms. Sunita Raut (Chief Inspiration Officer at Own counseling practice) examined on the Industry-Academy interface and how the business’ linkage with XIMB would make amazing open doors. “Utilize system to get information bankrupt,” Mr. P C Joseph (Head – Technology Operations, Wells Fargo) opined.


Mr.Rahul Patnaik, Student Representative of XIMB, expressed gratitude toward the administration and the graduated class alongside the center group, the volunteers and the understudies of XIMB for influencing the Business Excellence To summit ’17 an occasion to appreciate for a considerable length of time to come. Mr.Ipsit Bibhudarshi, Student Media and PR Coordinator of XIMB, credited the fantastic accomplishment of the Summit to the administration and the regarded graduated class who graced the occasion with their quality. He likewise stretched out a series of gratitude to every one of the Media Partners for their help.




XIMB, a 30 years of age business college of worldwide notoriety is the Flagship School of Xavier University. Roused by the Jesuit soul of ‘Magis’, or perfection, XIMB endeavors to be a head establishment all inclusive perceived for administration instruction, preparing, look into, and counseling that assistance manufacture a fair and others conscious society. The Institute today has turned out to be generally perceived for its greatness in conferring administration instruction. It is considered as a real part of the main administration foundations in the nation.